Digital Thickness Callipers by Sliver Paddleboards


I thought some of you might like my digital thickness callipers. I used a rare earth magnet to magnetically attach the base of the digital depth gauge to my homemade base. I touch the two halves of the crazy ball together and zero the gauge. They are really nice to use as you can switch easily between metric, SAE decimal or fractions. I use the same depth gauge on a straight bar to measure the rocker and bottom contours. I do not sell these but you can make your own for about $20


Vancouver, BC



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Great idea !!

Are you giving the design away ? Supplying dims and material sources ?

Or just selling stuff ?

Like Ray said, buy an ad. Or just share your knowledge freely the way the rest of us do.

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I already have three of these two of which were made in guyjiang

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The fornica* is a nice touch and the lightning holes

make for easy clamping to imported workbenches.

There is another start-up in baja del norte called

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*Fornica is a trademark patents pending in contries doing business

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Do not confuse with formica which is made from virgin plastic laminates…

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Con Gleam!

I do not sell these and your are free to copy them.


Yet another clever design.


Neato, those are pretty boss man. Barry, I still want one of the one’s that you make.

Ok It did at first look likea spam.  However he did say free and not selling anything. The design is nice and clean. and a really good idea.  The sissor type at more then $80.00 is a bt steep in my book at other that are two peices of cut out wood are  easy to use and easy to make just it’s just an extra step to up a ruler up to the opening. Others here have made some nice looking home made calipers.  

o The SUPs also looked pretty nice. Please lets not get all anti SUP. Spoongers hate short boards body surfers get in the way only cool hippsters use hand plans Short boards think all Longboarders are old has been or never was types longboarders hate SUP Ok everyone seems to hate SUPs So what.  

 Clayton where did you buy the digital calipers and other materials?

I bought the depth gauge from Lee Valley for $15-20. The only other parts are a washer glued to half a kids rubber ball to protect the board and and three rare earth magnets with screw holders. I had the laminate left over from some other project but it isn’t needed. If I was buying materials I would use Birch or Apple-ply and just seal it. 

…neat measuring tool Sliver…and deadly accurate… thx for the idea !

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Last night you posted three ads on Swaylocks…when I called you out …you made the big** edit** to your post / ads…then you sent me pm’s and ask me to change my comments…no… don’t make me the bad guy…you need to un-edit all your stuff and man up…you make neat stuff. dump the web link,become a real member not a salesman.

Ray…Do not send me anymore PM’s

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Same as Stingray, I got the PM demanding I remove my initial post.

Apparently Sliver has this awesome ‘people skills’ technique of demanding that complete strangers do whatever he chooses.

Nice try, but my wife tells me when to sit, stay and roll over. 


I am sorry that my post offended you. I have edited it as I am not trying to sell anything and had just used images from my own site as they were already resized. Please remove your negative comments from my thread as it clearly reads that I have no intention to sell to the users of Swaylocks.






Clayton dont take too much to negative comments -

To rays defence I tought your original post was spam too. - Thanks for clearing it up. -




Why not just cut and paste the whole thing…PM’s are a joke…no hate no anger…time to start over…Stingray…



you did not offend me. post your adds in the add section…no edit from me… no anger…just words on a page… nothing negitive…you just see it that way…

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