ding question / suncure

when fixing dings, is it best to tape around the area that you are filling/fixing?

and when you do that, how do you go about making sure that when you sand the repair area, you dont sand the GOOD part of the board that is under the tape?

I just fixed a ding this weekend and it's not perfect to the touch.  it's got a little hump in it.  i'm going to leave it how it is since it's watertight and virtually unnoticeable but in the future, i'd like to be able to fix it to a point where it feels like there was never a ding there.  all my ding repairs on other boards have also lacked in that area - there's usually some spot where the repair doesnt quite match up perfectly at the edges, to the rest of the board.

i usually use suncure for the small dings.

okay first get solarez instead and start over...

ok, care to elaborate?