Discovery Channel - How it's Made

A heads up to anyone who gets the Canadian version of the Discovery Channel. Tomorrow (April 18) the show ‘How It’s Made’ is doing a segment on windsurfing boards featuring the Wind Obsession operation out of Quebec. I didn’t catch the show when it aired earlier this year so I don’t know how much of their technology it reveals, but judging from the Wind Obsession website the show will probably give a good overview of molding of (EPS sandwhich) boards with composite tooling. Might be insightful for some of the people around here.


so… like your saying that the Canadian Discovery Channel is different than the (US) American Discovery Channel… What do they do different? add lot’s eh’s? maybe more nudity ??? I feel cheated somehow.


Thanks dawg. I love that show. I know that many of the Canadian produced shows make it down to the states so I’ll be looking for that one. ‘Beyond Tomorrow’ is also a great show produced there. Saw this bad-ass little car made in England (Ariel?)…0 to 60mph in 2.9 seconds! All with a 4 cylinder Honda engine and costs less than $50k.

Good one Ben.

sorry can’t resist it, the car is an ariel atom, and just goes to show what europeans (and the japanese) can do with engines. for example, new dodge viper - 10 cylinders 8 litres 500bhp, new mitsu lancer evo (9 or 10) 4 cylinders 2.9 litres 500bhp (and it weighs less, carries a family of five and luggage and won’t go wrong every thousand miles, not to mention fuel consumption)

sorry to deviate from the point but i thought this design comparison might interest you guys.


the Canadian DC is also showing the sandia foam with Benny in it. But not the US one. Well maybe in May they might, will check listings then.

watch the atom in action!

Ariel Atom Video

Also, I have comcast and I get “How its Made” on the Science Channel…if you have the channel, you know that its as addictive as the history channel. Enjoy the video.


check also the t-rex three wheeler there…I’d like to see something similar, but that gets 100mpg…that would be sweet

checked out the shows tonight but no board making…proly on another episode sometime this year