displacement hull, need help


I really want a hull, but i dont want to spend 700 dollars on a liddle when i can get one from my shaper for cheaper, theres just one problem, what do i tell him? i asked him if he was fimiliar with the shape, and he is not. I know its sort of like a stubbie, super thin in the tail, the bottom has belly, what else do i need to include? 



You’d have to hand him a small book of instructions compiled by searching here but I think there is a bit of a learning curve even then to get it right. I’d drop the money on a Liddle or one of the other experienced hull shapers

Look for a used one, they pop up here, on Craig’s list and occasionally at the Mollusk shop.

were you at I got a 7’4 liddle with bites for 395.00. pm if you want it it is in good shape

Did a search on Craigslist (San Diego) and saw that there is a 7’4" listed.


This one’s been floating in LA for a while.

Been meaning to ask folks here if the claims made in the posting are legit…


I doubt Kies’ hull shaping experience but I sure dig that fin.

That sequence shot is classic…


There was a sweet 6’3’'Liddle at Mollusk Venice, new.

i saw an andrienie, a fineline,

and i think a liddle

in the used section

at mollusk sf.

good luck

that sounded like a threat!..or a challenge.



i still don’t follow you…

what’s your point?

i simply mentioned

a good place for used hulls…

just trying help