Dive/Swim fins

50/50 use between free diving and bodysurf/paipo  waves.


one more question, are other style of wetsuits warmer for constant immersion like diving and bodysurf occcasions?








I like the 7in Vipers for bodysurfing and free diving. I was a Churchill guy for years, but I’ve converted.

woops, forgot to ask, any recommendations on brands? 

Vipers are quite good.    Several blade sizes to choose from.     See if you can demo some first.

should I demo first?


pry  2000 miles from the nearest surf shop.


really liked the feel of Churchills, but feel like they are more of a strictly quick burst fin. does this sound right?

double post.

UDT' s or Da Fins for me.

Which kind of free diving fins are you talking about? the long bladed fins or shorter ones?  I freedive/spearfish and I'm getting a pair of swim fins for body surfing/paipo/prone alaia. I'd keep it seperate if I were you, having a pair of swim fins and a pair of diving fins, lowers your chance of having to get another pair of fins if you loose em in the surf getting thrashed. just my 2 cents.

Viper 5’s for bodysurfing, viper 7’s or UDT’s for paipo/mat/free-diving. The UDT’s are good once you get them tuned to your style/strength. I found the Vipers to fit like slippers right out of the box!

there were a couple informative threads a couple months back started by Surfding about swimfins...

seems like everyone has their own opinion and personal preference... seems like the suggestion to demo first is a good one.