Do foam blanks have future???

Hi Guys!

Do you think the normal foam blanks have future or will we all surf boards with s-core blanks or similar???

DEPENDS! “future”…like how far ahead?

It appears S-core might qualify for “hasn’t been figured out yet” status.

Styro is close to working for most surfers, but “almost” status is not future status.

Then ya gotta figure for WHO, and for WHAT kind of waves.

Go to Surfride in Oceanside. They are selling shortboards with the S-Core and epoxy glass. They are eight hundred bucks!

And the best part…it has a drain plug.

Why is that?

Don’t answer that. I already know. The worst thing they could have done, like the Surftech people, is have a cross section of their design on display in the store.

Oh, and the sign says, “Don’t squeeze.”

For 800 bucks I can get THREE brand new shortboards from excellent shapers and have them professionally glassed.

About 12 years ago in west Oz nearly all sailboards were polyurethane blanks and polyester. After working in surf and sail retail for many years I have seen the change to custom epoxy sandwich boards and then to mass produced production boards. Only one guy now does custom polyester sailboards and that’s cause he has an allergy to epoxy and one other guy down south does a couple of custom epoxy boards, he now seems to make more kite boards now and imoprts production boards that he shapes the plugs for. The consumer doesn’t seem to care that production boards break easily, take on water and perform averagely, the normal guy can’t pick up the difference in performance,(after all they are detuned for the masses) the consumer either isn’t aware or doesn’t care that the hot shot sponsered wavesailor is using a custom board painted up as a production. Plus these larger very financial companies have great marketing and warranties! I think we are now seeing the beggining of this transformation in surfboards, I hope it doesn’t go this way, but with increasing technology and a cheap asian labour force, production surfboard prices will drop. Can we compete with these big companies? can we convince the consumer to keep using our hand crafted boards? I have faith that surfers are different in their attitudes than windsurfers.

thats the trend in business,sponsorship, and marketing. does anyone believe lance armstrong has been riding only trek brand bikes in the past five tour de france races? wrong…some were litespeeds and others painted as treks. as an athlete he wants what performs for him and the sponsors want the consumer to see their name at every shot. it used to be called brainwashing. if you must buy a retail board, buy from a reputable local shaper/factory who knows your area. back to the subject…the surfboard is a unique product, it evolves yet it basically functions the same, uses the same propulsion,and satisfies the human need for fun!