do we have results from the raffle yet

just curious

Howzit turbohog, I wasn’t able to attend the raffle but I got together with Keith yesterday for a few hours. All he said was that the board that he made for the raffle was won by a girl here on Kauai. It was ironic that she won since she didn’t have a board of her own and had been using her boyfriends board. I’m sure the winners list will be posted real soon.Aloha,Kokua

It was a success.

I saw her surfing the board at Palala a couple hours ago.

That is a fine board and generous contribution by Keith Melville and was she stoked!!


Make that Pakala. Her name is Jennifer and she and her boyfriend live in Portland. The other board (shaped and donated by Gregg Hunt) was won by someone in So. Cal.


I wanted to extend a warm “thank you” to all the wonderful hosts & friends we met on Kauai: Ambrose + wife, Annie (Hobcawannie), Jimmy (Kimo) + his son Miguel, Jeff (Tiktokman), Clyde (Edgefins), Mitch (Lokbox), Wildog (Kokua), Lunchmeat, & everyone else. Special thanks to Ambrose for all of his efforts. This man truly embodies the Aloha spirit. This was quite a memorable experience with gorgeous weather & good surf to top it off. My understanding is quite a bit of $ was raised for the relief effort. Thank you to all who supported the cause. Raffle results to be posted in a couple of days upon Keith’s return to the mainland!

ok, here’s the raffle winners, sorry for the delay but I was sans computer…

Gregg Hunt 9’6" El Gato board - Dan Detmer (looks like it pays to buy 20 tickets!)

Keith Melville 7’6” board - Jennifer Abernathy

Greg Gutierrez painting “Tunnels” – Gordie Hahn

Greg Gutierrez painting “Cannons” – Judd Finkelstein

Richard McCormick custom wood longboard fin – Jeff Ellison

Red X fin set – Dan Detmer

Surfer’s Journal Video – Jimmy Rodele

Endless Summer Video – Gabriel Rodele

Kauai Boat Cruise – Lyle Tanahill

Split T shirt – Scott Mcdonald

Split T shirt – Jennifer Abernathy

F Series FCS fins – Kevin Ryan

FCS surf hat – Tony Anderson

FCS longboard leash – Judd Finkelstein

Geezer trunks – Jimmy Rodele

Neumatic T shirt – Lyle Tanahill

Surf video (DVD) – Kevin Ryan

Volcom hat – Don Rogers

Volcom shirt – Joe Sebergandis

ProBox fin set – Mike Davis

Edge fin set (thruster) – Matt Fraza

Edge fin set (longboard) – J. Potocny

Surfing Monopoly game – Santiago Chuck

CD “Kupaianaha” – Eric Burns

Ambrose T shirt – Hobcawannie

Ambrose T shirt – Joe Sebergandio

We’ll be in contact with the winners (unless you were there and already got your prize). Any winner is also welcome to send me a PM about delivery, etc…

KILLER! Where’s the pics???

It’s great to see so many different folks won prizes.

Another BIG THANKS should go out to ALL the folks that contributed to this thing to make it happen. I would name names, but that would be a long list and I don’t want to leave anybody out.


Flip flop fashion show.

Any way of putting names with the faces?I only reckognize “Tuna” who is on the bottom right .Glad to hear you guys had a good time.

Let’s see I can do most of them – standing, L to R is

Clyde (Edge fins guy)


Greg (GHunt)


Roger (Proneman)



kneeling -

? (Sorry drawing a blank here, nice guy tho)

Jimmy (Kimo)

Jim (Tuna)

PS I posted a few more photos in the Events area, “Kauai photos”

The nameless guy is Randy.