Do We Really Need "Grubby"

Aloha, I see a long post about Grubbys rights to the specs of blanks . Do we really need his specs ? Don’t you guys use your own specs when shaping ? I’m not experienced at all so I don’t understand the problem . I as a new shaper do use the “close tolerance” blanks to make shaping easier . But I have always thought that the Pros have their own special specs so it isn’t very important to have these close tolerance blanks. sure you want something that you can shape into what you want without having to totally change everything but the other blanks available should have specs close enough to do it ?? So What’s the deal is “Grubbys” blank specs that big a deal?? Just wondering … Thanks, Don

familiarity with the Clark standard.

I think J. Troy got it right… the blank specs were a benchmark and reference point. I would special order most of my blanks to get it close to what I wanted. My shaper would dial in the rest.

Life will continue and perhaps get better.