Do you believe in Magic? Other world Magic?

Pretty nice mat riding.

Would that be special on a real surfboard? or just average riding? 

fun to watch for me. Thanks

Warthawg, you have tapped on the essence of surfing, yes you will surf your fishes again, like me, I go to my single fin gun when it’s really big, to my bodyboard when it’s really hollow and to my noserider when I wanna hang ten… But the mat will always be my go to equipment… If you love speed, there is no turning back… Easternpacific, define “real”… To me, dolphins are still better than humans at surfing…


At least what this guys riding can be considered a “shape”, This is a board builders forum right?

Billy, I publicly challenge you to learn how to surf a mat and then build one… After doing that, tell us how much easier or harder it is than building a surfboard… Paul Gross can build some killer displacement hulls and some of the best mats in the world… I say put your money where your mouth is or just ignore this thread… “La ignorancia es atrevida…”

Billy, dare to be different … Like your signature says…

Billy is Billy’s biggest fan…


Warthog, is that shot in New Zealand? Looks like somewhere over here.

I think the third comment on the YouTube video site summed it up nicely - “great surfer but a complete twat”. He builds interesting surfcraft, boards as well as mats, but he surfs that particular spot like it’s his personal kingdom and has no respect for anyone else in the water.

I’m not in the business of talking people down, life’s too short, but in this case, he’s a waste of precious oxygen and I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire. End of story.


"Would that be special on a real surfboard? or just average riding? "

Irrelevant.  Mat surfing is such a different animal that trying to compare to hard board riding does not work very well. At least so it seems to me…


Will I ever ride my fishes again?”

I have found that my rare forays onto stand-up boards, was a great reference point and tons of new fun.  Mat riding has taught me heaps about subtle aspects of interacting with the wave and about the wave/board or mat/rider interface that I never even considered before and that really has changed my experience of riding other types of equipment a lot.

saw this on


i need to try one of these things asap!

Chrisp… that spot is 20 miles from San Leandro!!




Chrisp... that spot is 20 miles from San Leandro!!




=D thought so...

you over here on vacation?

it comes down to :

and carlos asked the shaman…

how do you live?


do you follow an inspired path?

or do you live a life lead by the nose

by puffy , slick , promoters …

Unfortunately we are introduced

 the medium and or inspired to investigate

a medium or discipline aka stand up surfing,

mat roiding ,canoe paddling,canoe wave riding

or for that mater swinging on a trapeze or driving a hot rod

by the way of soft porn promo marketing,so be it.


It is after that spark drops into your ready mind tinderbox

that you catch-a-fire and rush the reggeular music

that already fills your soul with a strange syncopation

that can lead you to your next stage of your personal evolution.


self agrandizement?

market share?

dominating a worlt class schpott?

all too pedestrian to be concerned with.

going surfing straight off 

with nobody out

for no tangeble reward

this is a noble goal

above promo pay.

we all live parallel lives

that indeed overlap occasionally,

the mat breaks down to> zen breathing

to quest higher mind weight-less-ness.

Do your self a favor,learn to ride a mat

eight years in I am awaiting my next go out

when I get a wave that actually winds out.


and the old man named don Juan

said “follow the path with heart”


I've been nuts about mat riding since my first day on my 4GF.  I think what I loved beyond the sheer surfability of it the was an aspect of realigning my surfing synapses toward what feels like egoless, dolphin-like play! Other world magic!



Ive been riding mats with 3 mates for the past year, we're all shortboard surfers but mats add something different to the experience. We went from being part of the shortboard 'dogs in the pack' to absolute noobs on mats but we've got our act together now. Man it was a tough learning curve in the beginning !!!

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