Does anyone really want to see three more balsa compsands?

Are you sick of these things yet? :smiley:

They’re done…

Well, almost done…

They still need to have the hotcoat sanded out and sprayed, but I figured this is the shiniest they’ll ever be, so… Have at them!

They’re all 1/8 balsa over 1 lb foam, just ridiculously tough and light.

6’6" “bumblebee” turbo canard quad

6’7" twinnie/twinzer/single/2+1/thruster egg

6’5" “best man” thruster. Made to the specs of the guy who was supposed to be my best man at my upcoming wedding on new year’s. He bowed out (told me on my birthday!) because he doesn’t believe in marriage and he hates my girl. Motherfucker.

Light as a standard 4 oz comp board, tougher than volan, concave deck. I’ll weigh them all when I’m done sanding and spraying.

Now taking offers on this one- (to be used to finance wedding gift for my lady, so be generous!)

Much thanks to JJR for the hookup on the lokbox turbo quad setup. I wish I could have gone lokbox on all three, but the “best man” specifically requested Futures, and on the egg I really wanted to try out the c5 setup with big ol’ sides as a twinzer thing, plus it was a LOT cheaper. But at any rate, my apologies JJR. :shrug:

Big thanks to DK for placement on the quads, and the kick in the ass to do what I knew I needed to do and put the center box in the egg, even after I had already installed the futures center box.

Another big thanks to tenover for the logo I used on the best man board. That sonofabitch doesn’t know what he’s missing out on.

Last but not least, the REAL inspirations for these boards.

Bert~ Without whom I’d never have put one of these together this well. I owe you for the “big picture”

CMPhawaii~ Whose website showed me (like three years ago!) my very first balsa-over-eps boards, and set me on a mission that has taken this long to complete. I owe you for the “big inspiration”. Your website got me thinking about making my own boards for the very first time.

Sabs, benny, oneula, chippy, and everyone else who I have forgotten who has been kind enough to help me with little tips and tricks and stoke along the way. I owe you for the details.

Thanks to all.



Beautiful boards, all. I like the “best man” board the most. He doesn’t deserve it. I’m an experienced best man and offer my services if the job and board are still available. Mike

id never get sick of looking at your boards Shwuz

they look great

very tidy work .im really impressed

keep em comming

…like napkin-head said !!

impressive stuff Jarrod !

I like the FIVE FINNER [note the number !] the best .

Time for a new friend / best man , by the sounds . What a dick .

I hope you sell the board , and make LOTS of money.

now , the test of all this work , of course …

when will you get time to surf them all ?

“I can help you …” hehe [sorta]


geez Stubs nice work , you got my spacings , expressions , even my name down to a tee !!

but gotta admit , I have nothing to add to what troll boy said !

nice work indeed, Jarrod !

let us know how they all surf please eh ?

and all the best with "the big day " , eh ? [and married life ater the “big day” too ! ]

From the REAL Ben


Nice boards!! How did you darken your balsa and match it so nicely on the 6’7"?Your finishes look sweet also.

Oh I also forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday and did I ever mention how much I believe in marriage and even though I have never met your bride to be, she seems wonderfully nice and an excellent choice for a spouse.

warmest aloha and the very best in your marriage.


You’re an artist, Schuwz!!

I really like the “bumblebee”.

Would you be so kind to post the outline (CAD, APS3000, PDF or so)???

BTW: why dont you let them as they are? No hotcoat sanding, I mean.

Nope, not bored of them yet…

Sweet boards. What more can I say?



I like to see what people are building no matter what materials they are using.

Great work!


I’m another one who isn’t sick of them either. I must be where you were three years ago. I’m looking into the whole process. Even after looking at Bert’s sandwich construction thread and others, there is a heap that I still don’t understand so I’m trying to be a big sponge. No doubt when i get closer, I’l be asking you and the other experienced ones all the questions that you have been asking the last few years. Thanks for sharing, very impressive


You keep putting up boards like that, I’ll be happy to keep looking at 'em :slight_smile:

I’ve got an idea: give the best man board to your wife. Maybe she’ll get curious enough to paddle it out with you some day. It looks narrow enough that she could paddle it…

I’ve been married 10 years and my wife is still the best friend I’ve ever had (even if she only surfs in warm water).

What kind of epoxy are you using & what spray do you finish with? Are you bagging on the outside glass?

Thanks guys, I figured I wouldn’t have any shortage of volunteers for the best man position after that. :slight_smile:

I’ll post up the final dimensions and weights after sanding, I was kind of hurrying to get the photos up there last night.

CMP- Interestingly, I didn’t dye the wood at all. I bought enough balsa from lonestar in one batch that I was able to go through and select matching grain, color, and hardness for that particular board. I used two different shades of that pretty irridescent grain for the bottom, then for the deck I sorted out a pile of the hardest wood they sent me, and it just happened to have enough sticks of that sweet blue looking wood to make some stripes. I kind of tried to match the grains on the other boards the best I could, but on the egg it was definitely a focused effort. It wound up the heaviest, with the harder wood and all the finboxes, but it will definitely stand the test of time. I can’t imagine denting that deck with anything less than a sledgehammer.

Neira- I don’t have a computer file of the bumblebee outline. I just traced it from my cambel bros bonzer. I’ll see if I can’t measure the offsets for you if I get a chance in the next couple of weeks.

Benny- I’m using RR epoxy, not bagging the outside glass. I feel like I get a dry enough finish with the standard hand layup, and I’m not really all that concerned about the weight. These things are so light already, it’s not like I’m going to bend over backwards to shave a few more oz off of them. For the spray, I actually just use “deft” gloss clearcoat from homedepot. Comes in a rattlecan. Its not the best, but it sticks, it seals, and it protects… Does the job.

Thanks guys for the warm wedding wishes… Not usually one to air my personal stuff here, but it was definitely board-design-related.


I have nothing to add to what troll boy said !

ha that’s some pretty good ‘trolling’ right there , grandpops . get real , ride a thruster you old tripper.

Hey Shwuz,

how thick did you make your balsa rails? it looks like an inch? am i right?


PS: just a thought, what if you painted a bow-tie to that “best man board” of yours? Hehe.

Keep them coming. And give us some details, please. Rail construction, glass schedule, maybe some dimensions. BTW, Love the quad outline.

I agree, those boards have fine looking finishes!

Congrats J.

on the new balsas

your birthday (just had one myself)

and you marriage

Hope you get some good waves in CR too…

you know you can hit us up here on Oahu if you ever need any “supplies” or help.

And whether you accept if or not… you’re definitely an inspiration to the rest of us, at least for me…

Best wishes… from Ewa


the white truck will be arriving shortly


the white truck will be arriving shortly

" too cool , maaan . "

…I’ve been waiting on my summer quiver of Bics [for 2’ onshore waves] for a long time …

thanks silly !



Those boards look fantastic! You truly have some talent.

Let us know how they ride

I really like that 5-finner- If you ever want to sell that drop me a PM

Congrats and best of luck on the upcoming wedding

Jim N