Does anyone want to help me glass my board?

I just finished my 3rd shape. 6’3"x19.5"x2.5" based on a CI Red Beauty.

I was going to glass my last board, but I chickened out and took it to Moonlight, now I am about to chicken out again…

I have all the supplies (I think), I just need someone to supervise/teach/help me glass the board, and help install the lokbox plugs… I am thinking about a quad/tri convertible.

I live in Ocean Beach, San Diego. I will compensate you with beer, money, food, etc.

I don’t want to chicken out again…

Here are some pics of the board



No. But only because I live in New Zealand. Otherwise I probably would.

Sure, fly it to Hawaii and you’ll have all the help you’ll need. BWAHAHAHAHAH!!! Sorry couldn’t resist.

I would like that… but, I don’t think the blank would survive the flight.

I’m in OB as well…I can help you if you want. As long as you have all the supplies and the place to do it. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested…

EDIT: Just saw your comment about the LokBox…Can’t help you there, sorry. I can help lam, hotcoat, sand (Actually YOU sand!), and gloss the board if you want, but you’ll need to find someone with a LokBox jig to help you with that.


Obproud, I can help you with the box installation. Is it at moonlight now? Thanks Jim

I’m already overbooked so I won’t be able to help. There’s quite a few Swaylock’s guys in your area so I’m sure you can pull it off. Tenover does really good work. It looks like you can get some help from him. You can do it !!!

Post Photos , share the stoke!


rip shread lacerate

Howzit obproud, Get in touch with Keith Melville, he can probably help you.Aloha,Kokua

OB, you’ve pussed out on a bunch of Keith gatherings, you promised you were going to show up. You live right down the fricking street. I think it’s time you grew some and PICKED UP THE SQUEEEEGEEE!

Get some cloth, resin, and a fricking squeegee and glass that thick railed beast! You’ll never be complete. Do you want to be on your death bed asking yourself " gee, I wonder what it would have been like if i really did make a surfboard" NOW IS THE TIME TO SEIZE THE MOMENT, PERFECT WEATHER, PERFECT TEMP!!!

I am going to do it…

I was going to glass my last board, but I pussed out and took it to Moonlight. I told Peter that I was going to glass it but I didn’t want to screw it up, and he said “Oh, so you chickened out?” … Yup.

Shit, I’ve got all the supplies, just need some confidence… hahaha

Luckily tenover, offered to help, but he is busy this weekend so I will go it alone. He has answered a lot of my questions. I will start in between surfs tomorrow.

Going to Mitch’s after work for a few last supplies.

P.S. Do you think I should thin the rail out a little more? they are kind of thick… The original board is kind of “tracky”, it doesn’t want to change directions that well. Thinner rails might help this, hnuh…

Just do it, its fibreglass, nothing can go wrong that can’t be fixed and it doesn’t need to be pefect, seriously glassing is the easiest part, shaping and sanding are way harder.

Glass, resin squegee… in that order you can’t got wrong.

do it…do it…do it…DO IT!

OB, actually I didn’t even see the pics of the board. I was just making an “off comment” about the rails, I was just trying to motivate you to pick up the squeegee. Actually your rails look fine, I wouldn’t mess with it! The board looks great.

Also, if you procrastinate and don’t get it glassed this weekend. I can help during the weekdays if you got the time. We can at least get it laminated. PM me if you start to run out of options.

Everybody need to squeegee, all the cool kids are doing it.

I was in your exact position recently.

I’m glad I nutted up and decided to do it myself instead of shopping it out.

you will make mistakes…it won’t be perfect, but at the end of the day you

did it all, end to end and you’ll only get better from here.

Howzit obproud, That’s the spirit, it will be the start of a process that will only get easier the more you do it. Every glasser had to start some where’s and it was the first glass job. My advise is to take your time for the prepping of the board and to stop and think before going on to the next step. Once you add the catalyst ( if you go that way) there’s no stopping. Hopefully you are going to use UV resin which will give you some extra time to correct any mistakes. On Kauai we have a saying" he who hesitates is lost". Aloha,Kokua

Just do it, you’ll be amazed how great you feel afterwards, even if you do f#%k up…

You then have bragging rights… I made the whole thing…

Run amock, cut sick and have fun…

For beer? I"ll do it! Mike

Ummmmm, Beer!

So, I laminated the top and bottom and hotcoated the top. I have started to clean up the lap before I hotcoat the bottom. I have a few questions.

  1. How well do I have to clean up the lap? There are little pin holes, and thicker spots along the lap. Do I have to make it perfect or should I just hotcoat the bottom?

  2. Do I hotcoat the bottom before I cut the holes for the lokbox?

  3. What do you wear when you sand the hotcoat? Any tips on sanding, or the type of sander to get? (I have been sanding the laps by hand and it is going really slooooow.)

Thanks for the encouragement!

make sure to put the lokboxs in before you hot coat the bottom.