does the repair fade with the oldness of the board?

Ok, so you have a nice new white board. You aquire a ding somehow, after that ding is repaired will it fade with the rest of the board as it gets older? Or will the repair just stay the same white, and then as the rest of the board contunies to get yellow over time and the repair stays the same? thanks.

Howzit Corbin, Chances are the ding will turn yellow or brown before the board does. Make sure you rinse the ding with fresh water really good and let it dry before you repair it. This will help preventing any discoloration.Aloha,Kokua

Corbin, One more thing: When you use different types of materials, like in a deep ding repair, you’re likely to get different rates of discoloration. For example, if you cut out a damaged section and replace it with foam, using resin as the glue to hold it in place, you’ll have a resin line around the plug that will usually change color differently than the foam itself. If you use cabosil filler in resin to make a paste to fill a smaller hole, it will probably stay white longer than the foam. Kokua is right about cleaning out the repair and letting it dry. I didn’t do that on a delam section of a board once, and the whole repair turned yellow within a few months. Doug

Howzit Doug, here’s another reason for rinsing a ding. A ding with saltwater in it can dry but there’s still sodium crystals left. After repairing the ding, heat from sanding,rubbing out or just the sun will melt the crystals and delam your repair. Always rinse those dings good amd dry before repairing. Aloha,Kokua

cool, thanks a bunch guys.