"DOH!" Homer

I just found out that I used one of the FCS side plugs for the center fin and one of the center plugs in the side fin. The angle of the fin is OK but the plug is obviously scew in the hole, the resin has set already. Can I be expecting any implications or should I just sand the plugs down give the board to my brother and keep my mouth shut.

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You may not be able to sand it entirely flat(I didn’t with the one I put the screw on the outside on the side fin… stupid, huh?), but it normally works ok. No other problems that I know of.



I had a custom board made a year or so back and didn’t notice untill I got it home that both of the centre plugs had the screw on the same side with the result that the centre fin was tilted over towards one rail. Rather than a long drive back to the shaper I drilled and tapped a new thread on the correct side.

My wife says I should call it Nemo.

thats the funniest thing that i have read on swaylocks in the last couple weeks. i defeintly think that board should be named nemo.

Howzit Swifty, yeah it’s kinda hard to read the R or the C on the plugs. I did the same thing once and it didn’t cause any problems but I also ream the holes a bit bigger for extra strength and so even with the plug at an angle there is still enough area around the plug for the filler. The good thing is if there is a problem you can take out the plugs and install new ones. Aloha,Kokua