Dolphin Glide

i wasn’t able to make it to the film fest, but heard that Dolphin Glide was cancelled.Any verification of that?If it was, any word on when and where it might be played?Thanks.

It did play Tuesday night at 10[tongue]m. They actually screened it twice and it was extraordinary. The view of the surf zone as seen from George’s camera could be inadequately described as exquisite and other worldly.

thanks PM.I didn’t go 'cause a good friend, who was somewhat involved with the festival, called me and told me it was cancelled.Oh well…

I was fired up to go, bought tix for Dolphin Glide and Scratching the Surface (to play afterward), rescheduled my shifts at work, etc. THEN they rescheduled and didn’t even tell me. If it wasn’t for this site, I wouldn’t have known. You might tell your friend who is somewhat involved that the SB film festival people get two thumbs down on that one.

Yikes! I’ve been waiting years to see this flick, and wasn’t even aware of the festival or anything else for that matter… Talk about out of the freeekin’ loop!!! Oh well, at least some of you fortunate surfing souls got to partake in it!!!