Drop in at your own risk .....

Local boy makes good , part 2. [He’s also from Scarborough , west oz , before moving to Sydney to train ]

little known fact about “The Green Machine”…the guy RIPS !! "no doubt " …[ he was reported to be doing tow-ins at BIG Jacques , Kalbarri , with the Craikes , among other things !]

the increase of persons validating them selves with disclosure of the I ALSO SURF .carp is an indication of the society wide acceptance of surfing as a viable and respectable 'pastime?..

where is the margin crossed that vindicates posures to actual comitants?

an eye surf tatoo,real surfers wear the maltease cross?

shinny german helmets?

Patooey and drop- in on the lot of em ,cause they may not be out


I have been to Malta as my wife is Maltese and there ain’t no surf. Great seafood and sailing however.