Dry Spots In Deck Lamination

Hello there,

I finished glassing the deck of my board a couple of weeks ago, and there are some “dry spots” or patches where you can see patches of weave. I haven’t sanded yet, and I can’t feel any weave when I run my finger over the spots, and there is no “give” like when you push an airbubble and it comes back.

(Yeah sorry, the question was what causes/cures the above problem).

Poly, or epoxy layup? Hotcoated yet? More info please. Was there a question?

the same thing happend when i was putting on a hot coat yesterday I’m not sure why but it was really a pain to try and fix, the resin was just starting to gell but, if those dry spots were on you hot coat then just sand them level but it just depends how deep they go or how big, mine were not even half a cm, if yours is half the board or somthing them around that then i would add resin only in that area.

also were you glassing the bottom and was it around 68 degrees F

There’s only 2 ways to get dry spots. 1) no resin. 2) You didn’t allow the cloth to saturate before you started to laminate.

If you talking about soft spots or weak patches, thats caused by bad lamination. meaning: you didn’t push the cloth down to the foam properly with the ol squeegeeeee.

If your glassing a board. 1) wet out the entire board with resin, meaning: get it covered everywhere and get it covered fast, including the rail laps. 2) let the resin saturate the cloth, meaning, let the cloth go clear. 3) Pull off excess resin, meaning: get the puddles out of the concaves, and hi spots where the cloth is floating in resin. 4) laminate it down: meaning push the bubbles out. When your done you should see a perfectly clear board that shows the texture of clear fiberglass.

Remember resin is just glue that holds the glass down. It adds no structural strength value. Thick hot coats are great, as long as you sand them off.

What was your question?