dumpster find, fishy?

I found a couple surfboards in a dumpster. one was a Aipa early 70’s stinger swallow tail in ok condition and a 5’-5" fish a that was badly repaired and painted. I was wondering if some one could identify it…I sanded away the area that i thought there would be a logo, but found none…the fins are blue and white fiberglass. The glass job is a light blue tint…any help.

ur a lucky dude. looks like it could be a fun kneeboard after a few repairs. i wanna know who the hell threw it in the trash. looks pretty old to me.

i say fix it up and ride it


What happened with these boards?

Purloined, disguised, used, and then abandoned? Does sound fishy. I wonder what would happen if you put an ad in the paper.

pretty clean outline what is under that krappy paint,? a signature ? a sticker?



The Mystery of the Vista Dumpster. “Watson, come, the game’s afoot.”

It may never have had a name, it was the era of no name boards that that fish most likly came from...or atleast it looks it from the pictures. No matter backyard boards work too...especially when they are free. (not free to repair i know)

 I just aquired a winged forward of center mid 70's schrodel pin tail here in santa cruz, a 6 4", sure the fin is missing and there are about ten dings, but that outline and rails are still good. The thing ought to fly if i ever get around to fixing it. My buddy just had it in the back yard tail buried in the dirt blocking a hole in the fence, i said you mind if i take it, i want to surf it, he said its yours. I need to get into more backyards.

I’ve just seen this post and rushed out to have a look in some of my local dumpsters (or SKIPS as we call em over here) and hey bleedin’ presto, I found a dozen surfboards, OK they are at present disguised as a six foot piece of mouldy kitchen work top, 10 house bricks and a half eaten kebab but after a little restoration work I reckon I’ll have meself a most enviable quiver.

Lucky bleeder!

Jase (MMM)

The 6-0 kitchen worktop is probably surfable as-is. Nice find.

The bricks might present a problem, however. Maybe a buoyancy vest will help.


“…I found a couple surfboards in a dumpster. One was an Aipa early 70’s stinger swallow tail in ok condition …”

…photo please , Ben !!

Was this the one you sold ?


SrPato. I still have the Fish. It’s on the back burner for resto. I sold the Aipa to a Collector in Hawaii.

The fish maker still remains unknown. I was at the SurferMag Fish Fry where Joe Roper had a nice collection of old fish there. He had a old Rusty Preisendorfer 5’5" fish that looked like it could have been my fishes brother… It had no logo but a tiny faint Preisendorfer sig on the bottom.

Chip… sorry I couldn’t those pictures for you.

Love the fish! shurely uve ridden it by now??

Is it heavy?

Good Find