East Coast S.A. Meeting

Whatever happen to the idea of having a SA meeting on the East Coast? I heard little rumblings about one last year but I think it died out? Anyone know?

I forgot who but there was someone checking out some places in the outerbanks.

Can’t remember who was driving it. I think the hurricane may have had something to do with it getting squashed.

If any East coasters are interested in just meeting up

in OBX for a day of surfing I could go for it.

Austin, what part of va bch are you located in?

Actually this is Austin’s part time slave (his Dad). Austin posts under AustinS. We are located about 2 miles from Croatan. Near Sandbridge/Pungo.

Know the area well, I’m fixing to build a new a new place

south of Pungo in Creeds. Needed space to build a much bigger shop & room to let the kids run. I’m located in

the Timberlake area right now.

I was helping PhilD (I think) organize a meeting in Buxton and the dates were to be late April. I got busy at work and then Swaylocks went down for a week or two and it was probably just too short notice to announce anything. The Outer Banks should still be the goal. Someone else should pick this up and run with it.

Now that the subject has been brought up again lets see if there is any interest. Me, I’m game for any excuse I can find to use on the wife for a day of surfing down south.

BTW, if there are any military surfer on the forum…

we’re fixing to start planning for the 6th annual Military

Surfing Championships in Buxton for the month of Sept.(?)

We’re always looking for volunteers to help out.

What would people think about a meeting at the end of July. We have ESA contests every month except for July. Maybe set up something for one of the Hatteras camp grounds or something?

I m the poster that was formerly known as Phil D. With the site being down and being very busy at work, it made it very difficult to follow through with a S A meeting in April. Sorry for the confusion. I have been meaning to get to this sooner but it was very hard to catch up. The end of July sounds good to me. I’ll call Frisco Woods Camp Ground on Monday or Tuesday and see what available for the end of July. I’ll post as soon as I can. Glad to see that interest is still there. If anyone needs to contact me my E-Mail is

If there is a definite date set in the next month or so, I’ll be heading down from New Jersey, if any are interested and in the area…

Maybe I’ll have finished a board by then…

i would be up for heading down from jersey. i’m actually going down in a few weeks. i think a date planned for after the summer would be better for the sake of there being better surf…and not so many summer tourists…

by the way what the hell does sa stand for. i’m assuming the first being swaylocks…though i wonder what the a is for. then again i wonder what would be going on there. i mean there aren’t a bunch of dudes playing naked twister is there. again with the assumptions just a general exchange of knowledge and experience and general tall tales of batches going off too hot and stuff like that. maybe show off some boards and things of this nature.

That’s funny. Naked twister!?!?!?!?

Search the archives for a thread titled “My Name is Ramone”. Spend a couple hours on what you find and you’ll be up to speed.

the weird part was there was nothing there under my name is ramone…was he into twister?


He spelled his name “Ramon”

S.A. = Swayloholic’s Anonymous - a support group for people who know when they’re in too deep and need help.

yeah life really is an unpredictable thing at times. ramon seemed cool. now who am i going to turn to for advice on retro singles ,glassing and fine dovetail joints. maybe we could all learn some things from a guy like ramon. a love for life a love for craft a love for his family and a sense of humor…hmmmmm


You sound really familiar. I think I have either seen some of your boards or I might have met you at the last ECSC. We were there doing a little exhibition on shaping at the Honda Element tents. Possibly also ESA competitions maybe?

I’m in wilmington and would love too see some meeting setup.