Easy plugs (handmade)

Was reading spiraling thread ond thought that maybe i can give my 2€cents… maybe.

For you all is easy, just walk down the road and buy a fin plug or a leash cup, but in Milan it isn’t so easy, so i’ve to do all by myself.

Here we’re, a low cost easy to do and really resistent fin plug, with 4mm pine plywood, a saw and a bit of glue, check it out next days for more pics, quite busy before Xmas.

If someone’s interested i do also leash cups, with nylon and a lathe… wanna see how?

Nylon & a lathe? Sure, throw it up here. I’m curious. :slight_smile:

Well not really needed a lathe, a simple drill is enough, but i use the lathe to smooth out the outer part and to carve the side so the glue can mechnically retain the cup.

It’s really easy, a 40mm nylon cylinder, a 10mm and a 3mm drill tip and a 3mm stainless steel hinge.

2 10mm holes one near the other disposed radially from the center, than put the cyl. on the lathe and do the center one, do some carve on the lateral face as i said before, next do the 3mm hole for the hinge, insert it, cut the nylon as deep as necessary and et voilà, leashcup in 5 minutes and 4 or 5cents.


Here’s a tip(it’s in the archives)

All you need is…

  1. PVC pipe end plugs

  2. stainless steel or brass 1/8" or thicker rods


  3. hack saw

  4. drill/drill bits

There’s a wide assortment of pvc plugs these days and all of these items can be bought at most hardware stores.

If …past this… you need instructions on how to…I can list the steps,it’s easy to figure out on your own.

These were the first real deck plugs invented by Les Pronier and myself in 75…your first deck plugs you ever saw(in the 70s), were ones we made.