Egg lovers--advice please

Egg aficionados—advice please

Hey egg lovers. I’m looking for a new everyday board and looking for some suggestions. Conditions here on the most sheltered stretch of coast in New England are 10-15 knee to waist days for every waist + day. I’m looking for something for the knee to waist days, that will still be fun up to head high.

My usual ride is an 8’6” mini mal. On cleaner bigger days I ride a 5’10” twinzer. I’m looking for something that will fall in the middle of these two boards—more speed and looseness than the mini mal, more volume than the twinzer (that drops off smaller waves pretty quick), lots of glide.

I’m thinking about adding an egg, maybe a bonzer egg. Anybody riding one in similar conditions? Who made it? How do you like? Spec recommendations? I’m 5’8”, 155 lbs, but always wearing either a 3/2 or 5/4/3.



Split the diff with a 7’ x 23" flat rockered, hard railed funboard, any fin config you like…

I haven’t been on many eggs but the few I’ve ridden (and the one that I own) work better in pretty clean waist-high+ surf. Mine’s got a rounded pin, 50-50 rails and plenty of float… It makes it tough to have a lot of fun on in knee high stuff.

I had a hansen downrailer from the early seventies that I loved in smaller surf though. I think it was 6’8" with a really wide diamond tail, single 9" fin, no rocker to speak of until it kicked late in the nose. It was nice and flat like my twin fish, so it had all of that speed for getting around sections but it paddled way faster.

I bought it thinking I’d use it for chest to head high clean stuff, and my egg to use in smaller stuff and ended up using them both in the completely opposite way.

Good luck!

Someting in the lox 7’s with some hip on it.

7’2" Rounded pin 15" tail x 22.5 - 23 mid. x 16 n

I’m in NE as well and Shane from 2-SI has a model just like that with the relaxed Egg rocker.

I rode something like this a lot mid-summer brefore the bigger swell started rolling in and liked it a lot.

Check him out here




Oooo … how about a 7"6" round pin twinser. About 21.5 wide, 16" nose, 14.5 tail. Double concave fading to some vee off the tail. Mmmmm, I’ve been thinking about what to make myself that would be fun in smaller stuff. This sounds interesting … fun.

E-mail Greg Liddle at . Great guy and makes a magic egg.I love the 2 that I have.

Lazor Egg. Stall.

Being from New England I dont know if you are familiar with the standard surf conditions in the Santa Barbara area, but lets just say that the locals here see plenty of less than stellar days. That said, I have not been out on any of these days and not had an absolute blast on my Harbour. About 6 months ago I recieved (after about 6 weeks wait) my gorgeous new sperical and I absolutely love it. I never thought I could love anything nearly as much as my beautiful wonderful girl, but this board takes a strong (yet still distant) second. And no, I am not a Harbour rep.

Anyway, I got mine as a 2 + 1 and 6’6" long. All the other dimensions are harbour standard. The 2 + 1 comes in handy when it gets steep. I have been out in waves slightly overhead and the board still shone brightly. Also, just to put this in perspective, I am 145 lbs and I feel like I am paddling a board that is at least 8’ when I am on my spherical. Also, this board is amazing as a single fin and the harbour performance fin (7") it came with is AMAZING. Ok, enough blubbering from me, as I usually stay quiet on here. I did attach a pic though (mostly for Chip). Good luck with the decision and whatever you pick, enjoy the hell out of it!!

P.S. The example of what the Spherical Revolver looks like on the Harbour website ( is my board. Not to gloat, much. Also, with more time and eventually a garage, I plan to experiment with this shape to no end and I look forward to sharing that endeavor with everyone here. Also, pic taken from Harbour website without permission (but since they took a pic of my board without permission does that nullify it?).

We get tons of great small off-shore days here. I’ve been on a quest to make the perfect (at least for me) small wave board. This ones the best yet. 7’0"

21.5" wide mostly flat bottom, slight v in tail, pretty relaxed rocker. Big enough to paddle in easily small enough to turn. I’ve got a 5’11" 20" wide egg that goes pretty good too but for me it’s got to be bigger than waist high to have fun on it.

hey all, thanks for all the good suggestions.

jong, that thing is beautiful!

here’s hoping for some more cold swell soon

"I did attach a pic though (mostly for Chip). "

you read my mind

thanks mate .

That looks like a fun board.

now …can I see the board’s bottom view , please ?

cheers !


your welcome. i too love (need?) the pics on this site!

here’s the bottom

also, the board is more fun than i ever thought it would be. everytime i go out i find out something new about it and where it can go on the wave.

hows the surf down there?

also, jong, i will be moving to NZ in septemeber for about a year. most likely to tauranga. hows the surf, the town etc? i have never been to NZ before and I am EXTREMELY excited!!

hey all,

So i am about to start my first project shaping a board. i have been surfing now for a little under a year here in washington and I normally surf pretty mushy waves. I am looking to build an 8ft hybrid/egg that I can progress rapidly on. I have snowboarded for 8 years and i have waked boarded for about 5 so I have pretty good balance and i am sure i will progress quite easily so I want to build a board that i can do well on in most conditions. I need suggestions on both dimensions and rocker. i have done some preliminary autocad drawings but I can’t seem to come up with the correct shape. Any help would be great.



Oh ya i forgot my height and weight. I am 5’9 and 185 with a pretty stocky and strong build. Alright thats all any help would be great. Also any autocad drawing that people have made would be sweet.