i am doing an egg shape. just a little unsure of the rocker. flat nose w/ tail kick and some vee? gradual nose and tail??

What kind of fin set up? What kind of rails?

i’m doing one at about 7’5", another a little longer. they will both have a 2 + 1 setup. soft rails, maybe a minor edge in the last 12-14.

For that fin set-up I’ve had real good luck with the 7’10" R with natural rocker from Clark Foam. Center the template, leave the nose rocker alone, and add approximately 3/8" to the tail. Set your rocker breaks 1/3 back from the nose and 1/4 up from the tail, and you’re in business. You may have to flatten the center out a little bit so you get a knuckle in your entry rocker but it doesn’t take long. This will net about 4 3/4-5" of nose rocker and 2 3/8-2 3/4" of tail rocker depending on how much you decide to flatten the middle.

get a knuckle in your entry rocker sorry, what do you mean by a “knuckle”

the clark 7’11 R is also a good blank for eggs (check my last board resource 476) it was the only blank i could get to fit here in ireland go with the rocker that is there, you wont need any more.

knuckle = break in the rocker where the entry rocker transitions to the “flats” through the middle of the board. Having a ‘knuckle’, especially in the rail line rocker, really helps a board feel punchy out of the turns. I suppose it’s like comparing a fin with a thick leading edge and the ‘knuckle’ of the foil very forward versus a fin that’s foiled more from the center. A knuckle will punch water out of the way, so to speak, allowing the rest of the board to fit in behind with little resistence.

wouldn’t a knuckle push water and slow you down on entry?

wouldn’t a knuckle push water and slow you down on entry? Not in the sense the a knuckle is a definite break in the rocker line. In the image in the lower right, near the word ‘chord’, the bottom of the wing has a more defined break in the entry than the top, it has more of a knuckle. Then again, I could be totally mistaken.

Spencer, perhaps such subtle changes in design form might be more accurately described by another term? The spinning, turgid mass of whitewater forced out of hollow wave is what many of us more commonly think of as a “knuckle”. “knuckle”, i.e. a rounded protuberance, a sharp angle formed by the meeting of two surfaces…

yeah, sorry Spencer, “knuckle” had me thinking of a definite hard apexed break (which is what most of my boards end up with). got it now.

where is a good spot for the widepoint. above center, center?

For that type of board I like +3" above center. 7’4" x 16 x 21 5/8" @ +3 x 14 7/8", either rounded pintail or round square. Bump the width 1/4" for every 2" in length to maintain a similar curve. + 1/4" for 7’6", - 1/4" for 7’2".