Enough of longboard ........ shortboard pls !!!!!

What is your idea of a short board? Someone that is 5’6" and weighs 150 lbs a short board is 6’1" and 2" thick. That same foam displacement for a 6’2" 215lbs person is a 7’0" and 2 3/4 thick. Or a guy 6’6" 275 lbs needs a 7’6"+ and 3 1/2 thick.

So what’s your point? My short board could possibly be your big board. It’s all about the design, understand the design and you can apply it to long or short boards.


its ok resinhead , i think andi doesnt like being reminded that some peoples longboards can turn sharper than other peoples shortboards…say hi to the equaliser for me please andi…

…check the pic andi


sorry master , didn’t know longboard can do such “sharp” turns … NICE !!!