EPIREZ Epoxy Resin in OZ

Does anyone in Australia have any info about EPIREZ epoxy resin? Darren put up a post about it a while back. Looked on the net, but there are a couple of products named epirez. Thanks in advance, Stephen

If you check the website they don’t advertise the surfboard resin mainly concrete adhesives etc. But if you give them a call they will help you out with all the details.As long as you have accurate scales this stuff is sooo easy to use.I think there is an in depth post i wrote a while ago should be in the archives.

Thanks a lot Darren - I saw the concrete adhesives and thought it must be another company. Checked your posts - You do a poly hot coat, is that to reduce yellowing? Also, do you know if anyone in au is producing EPS foam with the EDRO machines Greg Loehr has mentioned in a couple of posts. thanks again, Stephen

I do a poly hot coat partially for the uv retardant and the clarity. I’ve always used a pigment in the epoxy resin never even tried it clear.I’ll make a couple of phone calls and try to find out more about edro polystyrene.Maybe greg can elaborate on the properties and the differences between standard polystyrene and edro.

Darren, What pigment/colour has been most successful? EDRO foam - copied this from one of Gregs earlier posts: “About two years ago a new technology sprang up from Europe called EDRO. EDRO machines are a new computerized version of the old EPS (expanded polystyrene) press technology. It makes an EPS foam with significantly enhanced strength and fusion that doesn’t leak when dinged. The first EDRO machines installed in the US were done here in Florida. They are now across the US with two in Fl. and at least two in California. This technology takes polystyrenes strength to weight advantage and combines it with a foam that doesn’t leak or delaminate” Thanks, Stephen

I have used just about every colour and using 10% pigment to resin ratio works very well. Good coverage even with yellow an white.

Thanks Darren, I talked to some eps guys here in Victoria, they’d never heard of EDRO, however they said that computer controlled manufacture had been in use in oz for the last five years.