Epoxy advice needed!

I can get a good deal on some epoxy resin and need advice to determine if it´s suitable for surfboards. The resin is from a brand called BRAVA yachts paints. Anyone heard of it?


I´ve got a material safety data sheet which has information about the ingredients. Is there something special I need to look after when it comes to deciding if it´s possible to get good gloss characteristics, good optical visibility and of course safety?

thanks in advance!!

So many epoxies with different characteristics, its hard to tell until you try a sample. Many boat building epoxies are not crystal clear. Some have a yellowish tint and will get more yellow in the sun. They are not as UV resistant and may be unpredictable in the amount of blush. That said, you could probably build a surfboard with most any laminating epoxy and it would turn out pretty good. But, you may get only “pretty good” results after putting in a lot of time and work. If you can get an epoxy resin made for surfboards, I would go with that. In the US, its not that much more money. I had a long talk with people who sell boat building epoxy about using some of their products for surfboard lamination. They were less than enthusiastic about it – when you get that response from a guy who has skin in the game, it’s probably good advice. I actually use a boat building epoxy for my plugs and fin boxes – its cheap and goes off very slow - no exothermal. While its not clear, it makes no difference with pigment in a fin box etc.