epoxy curing techniques

im interested in attempting an epoxy lamination, but i live, shape, and glass in temps that dont come close to 60 degrees in the winter. as far as i know, my only two options are: 1) glass indoors, at temps between 60-75degrees or 2) make some type of insulated box with a heat source what are the hazards of glassing with epoxy indoors (like a basement)? are there flammability issues with fumes and a heat source (elec/oil heater)? do i have any other options? hey greg- when can we expect uv epoxy from resin research? thanks for the info john

Glassing indoors is usually not a problem. Just make sure you have some ventilation. Ours is low vapor but closed up you can get fumey. A box is a simple thing to build. Foam board insulation, duct tape, a thermometor and a space heater with a thermostat. Just have to keep the board above 70º. I’ve done it in cooler temps but at 70º everything works. UV cure is something I’ll work on after some other new developments I’m working on now.

Ive done major repairs in epoxy in fairly cold temps (Ireland in winter) I use a couple of heat lamps from agricultural stores, they are used for incubating eggs etc. They are fairly cheap.

for one board cures do as greg says, for more, make a curing closet with the same material, but use a bigger heating element.