Epoxy For Fin Box Installion

I am ready to install a full size fin box in a board I have reshaped from an old one. I just cut off the tail and made a shorter board . The Question is … Can I use some kind of regular epoxy for this? Like from Home Depot. I am out of lam resin amd it is 30 miles each way to the surfboard quality lam resin place. Would Epoxy work as well? or better ? or not at all . I have a West Marine close also but the resin store is a 1/2 day trip for me . This is a regular polyester board I am working with…Thanks

Go on, give it a go…


Don’t worry if your resin isn’t clear water quality. REsin into the fin box hole is only visible as a 3-4mm thick vertical layer on the sides of the plastic box.

BTW: if it was a regular polyester board, I guess it is polyurethane foam core, so you can also use polyester resin for the fin box, but use epoxy for capping it if the rest of the board is now glassed with epoxy eh!!!

Thanks, the blank is polyeurathane and the resin is poly too . If I buy "other’ resin do I need to worry that it is not lamination resin ? Seems like I have tried the Home Depot resin before and it seemed to have the hotcoat surficang agent in it allreadt … Like wax . And I just don’t know if that bonds as well as lam resin. Please excuse my spelling too . I have no good reason for the poor spelling myself . Except for maybe too many “skipped” english classes… Ha! Thanks for your replys . I don’t really want to ride down to the resin products place …

Glue Products is overpriced anyway…use some epoxy from the hardware store…if you have some pigment to white it out, that’d be good…no worries about surfacing agent with epoxy.

Thanks Soulstice, I allready went to Glue products . Want to try to do it right I make enough "screw ups " without trying things I don’t know about . Funny you knew where I was going to go to get the resin . About 30 miles each way for me . About that for you too ? Thanks for the reply anyhow . I still made a pretty good mess of it . Oh well it will sand/ grind off . Been thinking about trying an epoxy board . Not to change the subject but have you seen this one… Aloha , Don

no, i haven’t seen that board…love the fin…very stylish.

when installing fin boxes, i always just go with straight epoxy pigmented white. installed after the hotcoat.