Epoxy Glassed On Fins Question (Strenght)

I’m hearing from some friends that the epoxy glass on fins break off easily. Is there truth to this statement?

Leaning toward laying up some wooden fins on a couple of epoxy longboards…

Experiance is expensive,


no…just don’t wait too long after doing the lam to glass them on…and (most importantly) glass them on properly. no worries.

No problems here, none come back so far.

but epoxy does take longer to fully cure and reach full strength, need to wait atleast 2 weeks.

The only problem I have with using epoxy for fins is geting it completely clear like poly, they’re much better now but I still see the strands of the fin rope.

No problems with strength with mine. Just get everything set up before you mix the resin. Don’t want any,'woops, forgot one of the glass patches,'type thing because the epoxy will melt through the tub if it is just sitting there if you are slow like me. Mike