Epoxy Hotcoat bubbles - should i bother sanding them out?

Hey Folks.

Hotcoated the bottom of my board last night and sufferred from some bubbles appearing. I was aware that it may happen and in all honestly i probably could of done with warming the resin and hardner first a little (they were room temp) which i will do for the deck.

It’s my first board and a little untidy/newbie in places…for instance i got some dirt trapped under the glass where the bottom laps come over onto the deck and the pieces of glass i used that run from the deck up the fins are a little big and look a little crappy under the hotcoat. Lessons learned and all that…next one will be better.

So my dilema is DO i sand the hotcoat down a little to flatten out the bubbles (maybe expose their chamber…they are very very small) and so it doesn’t feel like a spotty adolescent OR do i leave em, let use and nature soften their profile over time and just get it in the water?

I assume i’ll need to use 400+ Wet.n.Dry paper to keep the sheen of the hotcoat?

I’ll be posting some piccies soon…call it showing off, i’m please as punch i did it :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t bother sanding them out. It’s just the hotcoat. Keep an eye on them… if they open up, fill them in.

That’s what i was leaning towards…the thought of sanding the whole board again kinda put me off as well.

Cheers to Dave on the PM for his advice too.

If i can get the deck coat to go on better i’ll be made up.