Epoxy Lam w/ Poly Hotcoat???

I’m currently exploring using epoxy laminations (RR) on PU foam and I recall reading somewhere (I think it was a link somewhere off of the segway composites website) about using polyester sanding resin. Is this possible to do while making a structurally sound board? I’m interested in trying it to hopefully replicate the look of a poly sanded finish shortboard. Please forgive me if this is in the archives somewhere… I have been searching for days and have yet to come upon any information regarding the subject.

Definetely covered thoroughly in the archives…

A sanded epoxy fillcoat and a sanded poly hotcoat look the same. There is no reason to go throught the trouble, and bonding issues, of trying to hotcoat an epoxy lam with poly.

The reason some people use poly over epoxy is in regards to a gloss coat, since poly glosses better then epoxy. In this instance, people are using a poly gloss resin, although some people opt for a sprayed on gloss finish, 2 part urethane or something???

That being said, it is possible to gloss with epoxy…use extra add F and make sure that you let it cure up good before you sand. Sand it out to 1000 wet at least before hitting it with compounds…

Howzit poopiekook,Every epoxy lammed board with a poly hotcoat I’ve seen has had the tendency to pop off areas of the poly when the board flexed to much. Poly just isn’t that compatable with epoxy for the poly to adhere to it. Aloha,Kokua