Epoxy or Glass Travel Board

Worked and saved time to explore. Heading to Java in July.

Best board for the journey.

I have always surfed polyester / glass surfboards but durability I think is a consideration.

Will a 7' surftech leave me performance wanting over a hand shaped glass gun from an experienced local board builder?

Cost is similar, durability favours epoxy compounds. 

Conditions could test my ability and I dont want to be wondering about the equipment.  

No doubt about it, the airlines will have a much harder time destroying a surftech.  As for the ride, you just gotta find one you like.  There are more than enough shapes in the surftech portfolio.

For future reference, so other people can understand what you really are asking, you should know that most “epoxy” boards are made with fiberglass. Surftechs, for instance, use two layers of glass in their construction.

where are you located Dowls? have your cake and eat it too (custom, epoxy sandwich, and durable):




I can vouch for the Coil. Awesome board. Haven’t had any dings yet, and it rides super well. Plus Mike Daniel is an awesome guy to deal with. I’m gonna be ordering another board, this time for more average conditions, real soon here. Check out the Coil Ride Reports thread here: