Epoxy Pigment Amounts

How much pigment should you add to the resin for a lam. Say im using 10 oz of resin for example? 10% by weight, that sort of thing? Im looking for a opaque colour lamination. Thanks Dave


I just laminated a 6’ Fish with 3x4 oz. deck. Near opaque orange color. Epoxy work is more accurate using a digital postal scale in your choice of weight units, here are the units used on this lamination:

Epoxy Resin= 405 g.

Epoxy Hardener= 202.50 g.------ by weight my mix ratio is 1 part resin to .45 parts hardener

Mix epoxy well, then add pigment, in this case I used about 25 g. of pigment

Always test your color work on a scrap in similar ratios to what you are planning to lay up. Not all pigments are opaque, you can improve opacity of pigment with addtion of opaque white pigment. Add this a bit at a time, as it will affect the final color. Hope this helps 'ya.

Tom S.

Thanks for the reply, its looks to be you use about 5% by weight for total resin, at least I think thats about right. I don’t have the access to a digital scale but approx. amounts I can work with. Thanks Dave