epoxy resins???? and eps blanks, greg L?

have found where i can get my blanks from, but i can get different densities, 20 which is basic stuff you find in a hardware store then 25,30,35. whats the best to make a surfboard without compromising the weight?

i was thinking of getting a 25 as it will cost me €15 for a 10’-2’-6" block

now the only resins i can get over here (ireland) are:

west systems

eppi glass

now does anybody know anything about these as the reps on the phone were no help??

also what about sanding as there are no additives to add to the resin over for sandability though there are some powders that you can add, but these will surely make the resin cloudy??!!

help please



Hi Paul,

While there’s others who know considerably more about epoxy construction than I do…

The Epi-series of resins, is that from these people? http://www.epon.com/resins/eu/Productnames.html ? Just so some of the more knowledgable folks can have info to look through.

Bag the WEST stuff. I wouldn’t use that for anything. Overpriced and overhyped, lots of other products better and cheaper

Instead, you might want to have a look through http://www.boat-links.com/linklists/boatlink-06.html at some of the boatbuilding suppliers of epoxies. Saw quite a few UK suppliers beyond Epon and west, notably



both in the UK

hope that’s of use



25kg/m^3 equals 1.5 lbs/foot^3

I think greg recomended the 2lbs variety previously, however I’ve only used the lighter densities. Just add more glass and it works fine.

Just about any epoxy will work. From what I’ve seen, west turns very yellow after some time. I’ve had no more problems sanding epoxy than with polyester, you can sand epoxy without the need of any additives(unlike poly).

Good luck.



yeah the west epoxy was very expensive €135 yoyos for 4kg

i think the eppi epoxy was €80 for 3.5kg though how far will this go will i get a longboard out of it?

this was the stuff that i was recomended for use with polystyrene. i can get the sp epoxy too.

so epoxy will sand?

how do you do the lap lines? i usually baste with poly resin


For what it’s worth…

http://www.spsystems.com/solutions/solutions_pdfs/pdfs_productdatasheets/laminating/SP_115.pdf is an epoxy optomised for surfboard/sailboard use, with UV filtering addative incorporated, though they suggest a varnish or UV protectant coat over it anyhow. I didn’t see anything similar from Epon.

The specific gravity of the mixed resin/hardener for both Epon and SP resins seems to be around 1.15-1.20, so a kg of resin ‘kit’ will make a little under a liter: ~085 L according to my calculator.

hope that’s of use


Paul, I think You should definitely get Your epoxy resin from Sp Systems!

It should be easy to get for You in Ireland for a decent price.

Their Sp 115 resin is specially formulated for making Surf and Sailboards with clear laminates, is low viscous (wets out your lam easily), uv stabilized, very clear and sands well also.

It can also be used for doing the hotcoating.

I used it on my first board and have had no problems whatsoever!

If it’s Your first time laminating and You want plenty of time try to keep the temp around 18-20 degrees celcius when laminating.

Once You’ve finished You can turn up the heat a bit more to get the lam going off quicker and making it a little bit stronger maybe.

Good luck


cool will try to get that then how much should i get to do a 9ft longboard will about 3kg do it havent got my maths head on today!

also how do you hotcoat with epoxy?


have just called all the companies in ireland that i can find who stock epoxy and cant get the sp 115 epoxy will try again on monday! i can get it from the uk, but i will then have to import it and will cost a lot!

the epiglass epoxy is from this company and is in the uk section epiglass ht9000 at www.yachtpaint.com see what you think

just email Greg at gl10@aol.com and have him ship you his stuff. With his epoxy, you don’t have to wear a respirator. Its made for surfboards.

i think that my work out expensive to ship from usa to ireland, but im gonna get a quote from greg anyways to see how much and if it doesnt work out to much more i will go that way.