epoxy slurry - will it work for footstraps

I have an old long high performance sailboard that had slots in the deck that the footstraps inserted into and locked.  Board good - footstraps rotted and cant be replaced.  The board will be perfect for a friend to learn sailing with a harness and footstraps in SD because you can still uphaul.

I was thinking that I could fill the slots with an epoxy slurry and then tap for a machine screw to hold down standard type straps.

Any comments or suggestions.

Thanks in advance


Can you post a picture of the slots??

Then I might be able to help…

epoxy and qcell mix would probably be your best bet. you could also stick a foam piece in it and do the same thing. either way would work.

West systems makes a additive called system 404. It's a powder. I've used it alot for applications like you are talking about.  Use it on boats to recore and drill out hardware for railings and what not.

I'd get all the old stuff out, make the hole a bit bigger to anchor. then I'd mix epoxy, 404 filler and chopped fiberglass.. Smush it all in there and force it into the styrofoam with a screwdriver or stick.....puncture little holes in the foam to make little root like fingers spreading out from the cancerous region....  let it kick, sand smooth. paint it with some spray paint. and retap and strap.


good as new

You never said what material the board is made out of. Is this "old sailboard" a PUPE or something like a cross linked, polyethelene, roto molded Windsurfer One Design? If it is a "good" high performance board that is uphaulable, it sounds like a longer sailboard.

Mistral? Bic? Fanatic? F2, Maritex? O'Brien?

They all have varying yet similar construction.

Yes, epoxy based fillers stick to a greater variety of materials and cores than their polyester counterparts, but you might want to know what you're starting with before putting the time & expense into doing the job.

He’s got some slots the staps went into.

 I think they’re circular plastic inserts with a bar that went accross to hold the foot…strap… Bic or Hi-Fly type of board I’d say…

 I told him I needed to see a picture before I could help…

 Pouring milled glass with resin into these plastic slots might not be the right approch…

If it’s made of something epoxy will bond to, this might be a solution:


Thanks for the input and - sorry I didnt respond sooner as things dragged me away from the computer.  And our camera is on the fritz.

The board is made by Klepper.  A German Co. I think.  Made in the late 80's.

The slots are plastic inserts and are mounted flush.  If memory serves me correctly they are probably like the bic type yet have a plastic lip along the top with a center wide opening and no metal bar. The foostrap material was a rubberized product that had three tangs on each end.  The outer tangs had notches that latched into the plastic lip on the outer edges - then the center tang was inserted into the center opening holding them in place at the slot.   Ill see if I can get the kids to take a photo with their phones.

Thanks again for all the help.  Ill update with photos as soon as possible.



Attached is a photo from a phone.  The board lable says Epoxy-PC construction.

Strap slot inserts are some sort of plastic.

Thanks for all the help -


I’ve seen those before.

The board is probably epoxy and glass covered with a molded plastic polycarbonate skin…

There are quite a few ways to put in new screw inserts, the easiest being  (as mentioned elsewhere here)  to fill up that slot and void with milled glass powder and epoxy then drill small pilot holes where you want to install your stainless steel self tapping screws… I think the fact that the lip is over the hole opening will actually strengthen this method… You could also drill a 3/4" hole just through the center of that slot and install  one or two #10 - 24   or 1/4" - 20 stainless steeel T-nut  or capped snowboard inserts potted in the same resin mixture I mention above…   Make sure you tape off the openings or drop a blob of silicone in each end so the epoxy can’t get inside to the thread… 


If you’re just messing around with the board and your friend’s not too serious this might be the quickest and cheapest fix…

The other alternatives require you to rout out that plug and install chinook or other store bought foot strap inserts and glue them in with a couple of pieces of 6oz. glass.


Thanks for the help,

Kiterider -- i thought about the tee nuts and a threaded insert.  I cant remember the technical term for it but it has outer and inner threads.  You drill and tap and then insert with a straight slot screwdriver.

I think Ill try the epoxy slurry - that sounds like it will work and be easy enough to get him going...  Once hes hooked it will be up to him to crack open the wallet and find some newer gear. 

Thanks to all