Epoxy SUP resin ammount Help!

Hey everyone, ive been browsing these forums for a while. Any way i decided to tackle an SUP for my first board and man what a big amount of foam! I have no idea how much resin this thing is going to take to glass. could anyone help me with the amounts>? The board is 10 feet long and 28 inches wide. and i plan on doing a 2x6oz bottom, with a 2x6oz top with a 4 oz deck patch.

any help is greatly appreciated as i cant wait to have this thing finished and paddling around.


get the 1 1/2 gallon kit.

you’ll have left overs, but that makes sure you have plenty for your lam and sanding quotes.

a buttload.

I think I used 54 oz for the deck on an 11 foot SUP. Don’t mix it all at once. Make one batch and spread in the middle and a second batch to do the rails.

I just did a 10’ x 23.5" x thick eps

I did color work so I lost some but not a whole lot

1x6 bottom 2x6 deck

had about 6-8oz left from 1.5 gal of epoxy

that got me through to the sand coat

no fill

For individual batches cut your cloth to length but don’t trim the overlaps yet. Weigh it on a scale and multiply X 1.5. That should give you a ballpark estimate for your mixed resin batches. It’s more than 1.5 X the weight of your trimmed cloth and for hand laminating that should be pretty close.

If you’re Greg Loehr or somebody else at expert level, you can probably get by with less but beware of frothing if you try to drag a puddle of resin around on the board trying to squeeze every last drop out of your batch.

That’s for laminating.

For fill coating, use about half that amount.

Cool so i will get the 1.5 gallon kit. is 1 layer of 6oz on the bottom strong enough for 2lb EPS? i had considered two layers…

thanks for all the help. haha i know this is going to be a beast to laminate!

“is 1 layer of 6oz on the bottom strong enough for 2lb EPS?”

Define “Strong enough.”

I don’t know if I agree with currently acceptable standards. Check most any used board and pressure dents/caved in decks/delams abound. In descriptions of used boards I often see the phrase “normal pressure denting but no dings” I’ve even heard board makers push caved in decks as the new key to high performance surfing… a board just doesn’t surf right until it’s “broken in” and provides foot wells for better grip.

A single layer of 6 on the bottom will probably do OK on 2lb EPS. 6+4 will be stronger but heavier. 6+6 is stronger still but even heavier. Keep in mind with giant boards, it all adds up quickly in the weight department.

You might take some pieces of leftover foam and do a test panel or two. See for yourself what might be OK.