EPS cost

Hey guys,

I’ve been toying with building a stock class paddleboard for some time, but haven’t had much luck finding a suitable blank in Massachusetts. I just found a place about 70 miles from me that will sell a 12’ x 22" x 8" block of 1 pound per cubic foot density EPS for $140. I have no idea how much big blocks of EPS usually sell for. All the info I’m finding online says to call for quotes instead of listing prices by volume and cuts. Does $140 sound resonable for a block that size?


That sounds a bit pricy to me, considering 4’x8’x2" blocks of 1# are available from Home Depot for somewhere around $10, I think. I bought a 2.4# 6’6"x24"x12" for $140 from an eps manufacturer in Hawaii; I’m pretty sure the 1# would’ve been much, much cheaper.

Thanks for the head’s up. The Home Depot here only carries XPS. It’s about $13 a sheet for 2"x2’x8’, and that’s the largest thing I can find really close to me.

It seems strange that one big block of EPS straight from a distributor costs more than a bunch of smaller sheets from a retailer.

I can just see cutting up and gluing together a bunch of sheets to make a paddleboard blank. By the time I get done buying glue, I could just buy the big block! :wink:


if I did my math right your 12’ block is about 22 cubic feet, compared to satorisurf’s 13 cubic foot block. Even without doing the math it seems like you have a prety good price. Doing the math it seems to come out about right as well for the density difference.

several recent threads on eps block prices

stingray started a thread something like “open letter to SD” and there was another thread at the same time on block prices around the country. Search for surf4fins post or danb benny1 4est I think we all posted to both threads.

good luck on the paddle board and post pics when it is done. I plan to do a paddle board too but it is way down the list of boards to come.

Thank you. I ran a search, because I figured somebody must have talked about this before, but I guess I didn’t get the right mix of keywords.



easier to find when you know what to search

I used the advanced search option searching for “open letter” and “eps price” and limitting the searches to post by “4est”

lots of info there

good luck

Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster. I’ve been looking into getting a hold of EPS out here in New England too. The best price that I’ve come across is $385 for 2# 25" x 48" x 97". That comes out to around $6 per cubic foot, and you could probably get 8 to ten bourds out of it depending on how it’s cut. The only problem is that I don’t want that much foam to start off with. So if any of you happen to live in New England, and want to split a block of foam, just let me know.


here is a link to an EPs calculator - http://www.univpack.com/default.aspx?tabid=32

I looked at these guys for some EPS - price doesn’t include shipping & they don’t allow pickup. If I ran your numbers thru correctly - the eps was 66.35 before shipping.