eps fin box help

I’ve got a quad thats and EPS blank, and I’m not super fond of the way it rides (this is after trying several sets of fins and mix matching all of them). Was going to add a another set of plugs to run a 5 fin option on the thing and see how that worked out, but decided to throw a longboard fin box in the thing instead so I can still do the hybrid thruster if I want, or use a bigger single fin. This was after looking at the new Rusty singles, and I just like doing wierd things with fins.

Problem is, its EPS and I have no epoxy resin nor have I ever used epoxy. Was going to just have at it, till I found out that the only epoxy resin I can find is a $75 1.5 gallon kit. Or a 4 ouncer ding repair kit. And my wife would kill me if I spent that much on resin right now.

Who in the general SD North county region has some resin they want to sell off? I guess I would just need a quart. Or anybody want to help the process and help me put the thing in who would have an hour and/or some epoxy lying around?

Thanks all



if you want to make the drive down south to ocean beach i can help you out

sdrepairman PM sent


Get this and you will have a very versatile setup