EPS Manufacturers in Oregon

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I’ll check your PM.

The blanks I have are done really well with 1/8" basswood stringers on the glued up ones while the others are split with good straight cuts… those could be flexed some up or down before gluing up stringers which I have done with both basswood and PVC material. 1.5 to 2 lb density.  Knowing exactly what density EPS is more an edcuated guess than exact science.

Anyone else interested in getting some of these, I’m open to doing so. Like I said, I got them at a liquidation price and can let them go for a bit more than the shipping box and freight charge.

talked to the guys at ShayZeus.com a while back about getting some custom EPS blanks.  never ended up ordering, just got too busy but they said it would take about a week and I think it was $60 per blank.  they’re based in Portland.

Heh!  And I’m trying to sell an EPS basswood or PVC stringered blank, cut to a Rusty rocker for $45.  What’s a matter with me.  Lowel

Northwest Foam in Wilsonville has big blocks of EPS.  But as McDing has pointed out, making your own blanks from block foam is a process all in itself.  I do my own only because I can’t get 1# blanks I need for composite any other way.  If you are just starting out, buying a close tolerance blank will save tons of grief and get you in the ballpark much simpler.