Eps off cuts- disposal, recycle?

After completing a dozen boards hotwired from 2lb Eps insulation blocks I’ve accumulated quite a pile of off cuts in the rafters of my garage. Looking for suggestions to dispose of this mess. Would prefer to recycle. Any suggestions?

Hey Stevil:

I would recommend that you call your block molder and arrange a time that you can return the off-cuts. Let them know that it is clean foam for “regrind” and they probably will take it. Also ask them for a bag or two from the raw material gaylords for further off cuts so that it stays clean. They don’t want scraps off the floor or garbage from your shaping bay but should take back all the good stuff. If they don’t, it is just landfill! Also, you might find a local molder who might take it, just look up foam fabricators in your local phone book. Don’t forget to use the word “regrind” when you talk to them. Hope this helps.


A dozen or so years ago, I bought a Recycler model from Gary Linden. He had a similar problem with scrap and cut the strips and glued them up to make Recyclers.

Here’s my Recycler. One of the cool things was since he was glueing it up, it made for easy stinger options. Notice the triple stringer. He also replaced the foam in the fins with balsa. A nice touch with the triple stringer I thought.

Hope this helps.

Like many of you I’ve got more EPS scraps that I know what to do with too. It comes in handy sometimes for things like packing surfboards and testing paint colors on, but here’s the best use I’ve found so far.

My daughter loves playing with it but the wing broke so it’s out of commision 'til I make another one. Wonder if the local schools could use the scraps for shop class. One of my scraps is 4’x18".

Have you ever considered making hand boards (for body surfing) or gluing up the foam to wood and making SUP paddle blades with the EPS? This is one of my latest projects.


you could crush it and mix with a lil epoxy to coast (er coat) 1lb EPS so it doesn’t drink drink drink drink ,fight (your glassing), or save for repairs when going into combat surf zones (lowers, bu or queen of the coast)

I like the plane Idea.