Eric Arakawa interview...


Interesting stuff…

Especially this part:


When we look at Andy’s generation, it’s not the same as Michael’s generation. This whole corporate element came into play. There was a lot more money on Tour, a lot more events, and everything was rapid fire. There was hardly any time to sit down and really develop equipment, to go through a methodical process like I used to with Michael (Ho). So we ended up just building a lot of boards and having them ready for him to try.”

Kinda flies in the face of those who say that the pros ride xxxxx type of board or construction because it’s the best there is.

Eric is one of the nicest, happiest shapers that you’ll ever meet. We really enjoy the working relationship that we have with him and what we also learn from him. Cool post.

hows his leg?

heard it was pretty bad after that accident at chuns

some thought it’d might affect his ability to stand and shape