eriudite analytical scientists in the expensive seats,depositions on the application of rr epoxy on U.S. foam

in the peanut gallery three rresponses in 16 or so hours.

now we shall try the other hook

for those challenged by self esteem

what properties make epoxy more or less compatible with U.S. foam

as in experiment x conducted in 2006 with clark foam

the last batch,there was shrinkage

after exposure to heat

foil bag heat levels

in car or truck bed

shrank foam down to i/4’’ less volume

leaving stringer proud of surface

will this problem be a factor

inherently with new batch of u.s. foam

because of inherent properties

associated with poly urethane foam?

At a meeting with renown

foam machine shaper and surfblanks australia


I was encoouraged to hear

that these boards being made with this combination

allowed the oppertunity to be repaired with either or

as the sensitivity of the core foam to poly was not a factor.


let us quantify the options

the passions please apply to the peanut gallery parallel thread.