Estimating travel board weight

Any suggestions as to how much the 7"2 by 22'1/4" by 2'1/2" travel board might weigh - Steve can't get it to scales so I need an estimate. 12kgs?  Any other guestimates?




12kgs sounds like a lot.

Gotta figure with it all packed up don't you?



Thanks. I took a 52" paipo through an airfport not so long ago and it weighed about 6kg, though had a solid glass job. 12 kg may be a bit heavy but there is also the travel board, fin etc. Maybe 10kg might be closer.



Cant he rig up an Archemedies-style lever and fulcrum/ rope and pulley and weigh the board bag Vs litres of water in a bucket ?

 Thats the sort of crazy thing Id do...


I reckon your first guess of 12kg isn’t too far off, assuming you meant the weight of it packed in its bag ready to go.


My 6’3 mccoy weighs in the region of 9lbs (4kg), board only including glass-on fins. For travel, in a decent travel board bag with pipe lagging round the rails and a couple of blocks of kingspan over the fins I reckon you can easily double that, probably more.

Surffoils aka Archimedes - thanks & also to Loadedome - maybe 10kg is closer to the mark.