Ethics in the workplace

I read an earlier thread about ethics. I am the office to the head of an organization that deals with such problems. Our point is not to round up illegal workers. We are actually more interested in fining and putting to justice those companies operating with substandard business practices. There is a misunderstanding that the business owner who operates from home or with a low budget is the problem in many industries. That is not correct. The problem seems to be the owner who operates in an industrial parks, but does not operate in a legal manner. That may include shabby book-keeping, not having workman’s comp insurance, or not paying workers. I understand there is a problem in the Oceanside area. I got the names of some of the folks. Please be advised that this is not a witch hunt and that we will only proceed in turning owners into authorities after we find enough evidence. Our goal is not to punish people, but rather to make sure boat buiilders, and other surfcraft manufacturers adhere to legal and environmental business practices as well as maintaining and ethical an level playing feild for the competition. I just got turned on to this site and it looks like you guys have a good thing going here. It looks like most of you are concerned with the environment and safety issues. My nephew shapes boards. I’ll let him know about this site. Best Regards, Gail

This is a joke, right?

OGM…what funk! Oh kay Gail I am shaking in wetsuite. What are you the Shaping Gestapo or what…what are you going to do spank us! 1-2XU…

Gail’s little organization is probably funded by little factory in china

So what you’re saying is you work for Surftech and you want to keep unethical work practices to yourself right?

Im sure you are taking the piss Gail, theres someone sitting back now watching and laughing. Go and enjoy your life Gail, the surfing industry always sorts it self out. If there is a business out there that provides sub standard equipment people become aware of it anyway. Who cares if they have dodgy bookkeeping practices. You have no life.

randy french… is that you. nice try asshole. you know where to stick your ethics.

This is not a joke. I just thought I’d let you hardworking guys know that we do care about your health. We have gotten many complaints about companies not providing respirators and other safety equipment. Last years records showed that only 1 out of 2 glass shops hand a first aid kit. 1 out of 3 workers were here illegally. Some workers were not covered by workman’s comp. I was alerted by one somewone here at Swaylocks that Aloha and Epoxy Pro had not been paying workman’s coomp and had sometimes not payed there employees–telling them that if they told authorities that they would be deported. Be forwarned, this is not a joke.

The price of surfboards is about to go up…will someone please get the government off my back.

gail, please get lost. you don’t care about our health anymore than we care about yours. you get paid to stir up problems. please spare us the humanity trip. this site is about building boards. not busting people. please, buzz off.

Ok, ok! The jigs up. Here’s the name of the glassing shop: Acme Glassing at 100 Main Street, San Diego CA 91234. I hear they don’t sweep the floors either!

Gail, I am amazed that you even want to pick on the little surfboard industry. What if the owners of some of these companies are a bit crooked, think about the thousands of people that lost their reitiement accounts in worldcom, tyco etc. They trusted their employeers and they were ripped off. Or what about my dad who lost most of his retirement monies to the rip off financial advisor that sold him bogus investments. Guess who pays his mortgage now, me… the poor defenseless surfboard maker. Please help me. Find a better fight.

Ok, ok! The jigs up. Here’s the name of the glassing shop: Acme Glassing at 100 Main Street, San Diego CA 91234. I hear they don’t sweep the floors either! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is this ironic, or IGNORANCE?

I think Gail needs to get laid.

First, I am unaware of what other companies payroll policies are, but Gail would be neglegent, liable and unprofessional to mention any one by name, so, me thinks this is an impostor

That was a weird post, to say the least. What bother’s me is that she (or he?) starts naming companies like Aloha and others. Let me tell you something, “Gail.” After the Patriot Act was passed (bad law) they can easily trace the thread back to you. The only way they can’t is if you happened to stop by some school’s computer lab and post to Swaylocks, since it is one of the only bulletin boards that don’t really require a password or registration. Why would the thread be traced back to you? Well, for one thing, when those two companies you mentioned get word of you slander (unless you are correct, which is a different story, provided you have PROOF or your acusations) they are going to want justice. That means you might get sued for slander (or, I guess, Libel in the case of writing). Since you went and mentioned two companies, I sure hope you are correct. You said that someone at Swaylock’s alerted you to a situation at Aloha and Epoxy Pro. I hope you have the evidence to back it up. If not, then YOU better hope those two companies don’t come after you. On the other hand, if they are operating under code, then more power to YOU, I guess, if you are really some kind of government official (who won’t say under which government department you work). What I think (and I could be wrong) is that you are a disgruntled employee or fired employee who wants revenge on the two shops you mentioned. Your little anonymous reference to you government agency is the clue. If you are legit, why not just come out and say something like, "I work for the EPA, San Marcos office, yada, yada). I think you are a liar. That’s just my opinion. Oh, and today I saw a guy on a Surftech at Cardiff Reef. The waves were small but very well shaped. Very fun. Two to three foot, offshore, easy noserides. The guy on the Surftech wasn’t catching squat! He just sat there set after set after set scratching, but he never caught anything. The current technology for building boards (polyurethane foam and glass) are perfect. They did it! Can’t anyone understand that? Oh sure, design is a whole different thing, but the materials themselves are perfect. We are making perfect boards. They float well, paddle well, last a long time (or not in some cases). You can make them heavy, light, whatever. I mean, a typical Stewart 9,0 with a light glass job can be held in one hand while walking to the water’s edge. How much lighter does it need to be? And they are strong enough. Big waves break boards. Always have and always will. So, Surftech is not “third generation technology”. They think it was wood, foam, and now Surftech. Man, that technology is old and it isn’t exciting. The really good surfers were, are, and always will, ride good boards using the same technology we have had for 50 years. Sure, machines might do shaping for us, or we may invent some insane new fin combination again (like the thruster), or improve rail shape or foil----whatever, that’s great. But the materials are perfect. And if you are that worried about the environment, keep in mind that the pollution put out by the production of a polyurethane surfboard is less than that of a Ford F-150, and the Ford keeps on polluting day after day after day after day. So if you are that worried, ride a bike, but leave the damn surfboards alone. They aren’t the problem. Oh, and “Gail” Split!

Mike, This is a bogus thread. Can you screen threads not related to surfboard making. You should make a link titled, stictly surfboards. Maybe other stuff can go into a different link, like, surf stories, or waht ever. It would be nice not to sort thru weird threads like this one and like the one about the shaper that got fired. You know the kind of story. I am not a surf tech proponent at all, but I am sick of the threads about a surf tech or over seas board manufacturing conspiracy, etc. I appreciate the site, but it really would be better if it was only about board making.