ever glassed an unshaped blank?

I can see it now – a completely untouched blank (excepting fin boxes) fully laminated and ready to ride. Crazy idea, I know. Just wondering if any of you were ever that bored, stoned or curious to try it. Doesn’t Bill Stewert regularly hold a contest in which the contestants ride unshaped blanks? Why not throw some glass on 'em?! jw

I have seen on that had a shaped deck and rails but the bottom was untouched to save the Clark Foam logo and other info. The board had a fin box and was tinted with a banana yellow. I think it was a wall hanger though. http://www.foamez.com

There was one at Surf Expo a couple years ago. In the lobby of the convention center in a glass case, can’t remember who made it. Mickey McCarthy of New Sun lightly skinned a 6’5R so it was pretty, then re-airbrushed the Clark logo and initials on it with a template he made; it looked cool. Don’t know what he ever did with that.

on an unrelated note, I read a story somewhere a whiles back, maybe it was here, about Bill Stewart surfing an unshaped, unglasssed stcok Clark blank in a contest. Apparently he did ok till the thing more or less broke apart in the water