Everything you know is wrong

What were once

accepted truths

about board design


and performance

that are now false?

“Red boards go faster”

Obviously not. BLUE boards go faster.

Red boards may not go faster (even though I think they do), but people sure move out of my way faster when I’m on one of my red boards. That’s all I want to ride now. Plus… I have that “bleeding seal” look from below.

Where is Resinhead when we need him?

I don’t know about surfboard designs but wetsuit shorts died pretty fast.

Alas my friend…I am Here!!! Did someone want a bleeding seal? I just got a new set of Harbor freight Machetes. Real nice ones too, plastic handles so they don’t slip. I hate the wooden handle ones…never can get them clean, always smell like rotting flesh after a few weeks.

In my opinion the S deck was one of the worst board design features ever… unless you thought being able to turn was a bad thing.

In my opinion, multiple sets of wings and channels didn’t help performance either.

And… hold on swaylockers… I think more than four fins is excessive. Singlefins surf great.

They need you in La Jolla…


I dare you to say that on the Surfermag design forum. I dare you.

haha… Swaylocks is the only surfboard design forum I post to. But… I’m friends with a lot of the guys at Surfer (and a bunch of the other mags) and I’ve told them how I feel. The funny thing is… even though their audience is all about chips, the guys that have been around long enough are becoming more open to all things surf. If you’ve noticed the last few mags have had shots of girls and longboarders.

I’ve been surfing for 45 years. I’ve seen a lot of changes in that time. The constant for me is… surfing is about MY satisfaction. I could care less what other people ride. I want everyone to do what’s right for them. If that’s riding a 4’10" modern Simms inspired baby twin, an Aussie chip, a 13’ wooden tunnel fin, a towboard, a SUP, or whatever. Have fun.

I still rip circles around most others, even the Surfer Mag guys :wink:

Everything I know is wrong? Yes, as my teenage daughters and wife frequently remind me. Mike

Concaves are faster.

Epoxy boards float better.

Lots of flex is good.

Thicker boards catch waves more easily.

also…all of the above but to the contrary.

Seems like we don’t know much for certain but behave as though we do.

the only way to pursue the real truth

in design is to start out with the

hypothesis that every thing

that everybody assumes as correct

is absolutely and inoquivocably wrong

and rewrite the world view while holding a mirror to

the passing scene,once you can understand it in reverse

you should have a grip on the what’s up doc.

concaves lift

epoxy is resin and it is lighter

flex is indeed god

unless it is in the devils hands…


about to unleash

the ultimate board design

on the world …