Evolution Surf

Has anyone ever heard of these guys? I somehow came across their site and i found a surfboard that ran 30,000?!!? now i looked around to and something just seems weird about the company as a whole. Are the boards like brought in from China or something for the ultra rich or what? In their testimonials page they have a list of famous actors and actresses that say they are the best and stuff.

I would post some quotes but the site is all flash and i cant highlight the text or send links. If you want to see the site for yourself it is www.evolutionsurf.com.

Their boards look really cool with their vibrant colors and designs though it doesnt seem like their quality surpasses any other major board builder.

Whats the deal with these boards? On their FAQ page they seem to try and overemphasize the fact that their boards are handcrafted unlike the rest of the industry. They say that everyone elses boards only last 90 days while theirs last forevor. Seems like a scam, though their boards do look cool with the colors.

Always a good idea to buy a board that is flash and cool colors. And the more you spend, the higher your surfing status becomes.

And looking for a surfboard, most important person to ask for reference is an actor who surfs maybe once every month, at Malizoo, just for the image.

Image and cool colors, besides being vibrant, is everything…

more evidence///

the thing rising up from behind yall promoters of that there surfin’stuff

is about to bite yall on the arse?

yep all steady now styck them cheeks out and clench em tite

thet big ol bite will be memorable.

thems thet gots the money to sell the stuff to sax fifth aavenue

will be callinn the tune and all they need is a spokes person…

of indelible credentials and reputation…

A sliding prfessional? perhaps?A senior statesman surfer?

how is this gonna play out?

what fun…

are they negotiating right now?

where are the high powered agents?

can we get a good price on a cheap suit and a toupee?


agent to the sars where you…

who would turn down$30,000 for 5 personal appearances?

and a couple photo shoots in the ments with a bevy of beauties …

will it conflict with the tour?

…the real funny thing is,they are invessting the money because they

seem to think there is money to be made…


is there a ganzer pulling some promo strings

to capture some venture capitalists

What’s a few zeros between friends ?

I added a few onto my prices and it felt good !

(A funny business for sure but it livens things up a bit )

don’t forget the $120 t shirts

I believe this is Wayne Lynch’s line of boards. The pricing sure seems outta line unless they’re made of something they aren’t telling us about. The testamonials & team list is definitely, ah…interesting. I Googled “wayne Lynch” & ended up at a mirror site to this one so I guess it’s legit. Maybe someone can shed some light on this


BIC used to market a board called the “EvolutionSurf”…

i vaguley recall reading about this before. some dude(apparently with some $ and connected) bought the rights to the name- or owns the rights to it in U.S. his plan is market to the high end folks who got the $$$$ . i don’t recall if Lynch is still involved with this guy or not-shoot, he might be wayne’s manager.what i remember most is this plan of selling the boards, that are indeed colorful, for a lot of $ compared to mainstream pricing. kinda the gucci thing going i guess…

I thought everyone knew Evolution Surf brand was Wayne Lynch.

Remember when Cameron Diaz was shooting Charlie’s Angels she bought a board from him and said she had a really great custom board made just for her and it cost $2,000.00.

Could it be that long term Malaria causes delusions of grandeur?

As for them lasting forever, I have two broken Evolutions in my basement. Original cost in 1994 $350 each from a guy named Durf. They are still lasting if not whole. They havn’t turned into dust if that is what he means. One I use for spare replacement foam. The other I bolted together with a one inch gap between the halves and it hangs from the basement ceiling as space negative space “art”. Got any better ideas?

What I’ve heard about Evolution Surf is one of the owners lives in Rancho Santa Fe. (I drive through there every time I go to the beach). I see a huge Hummer parked on the street from time to time with the Evolution Surf business ads on the sides.

My take is that they created a niche market in the surfing industry: They sell nice looking boards in boutique and upscale shops in New York and anywhere else that has an affluent cusomer base. Mostly they sell for the art-value of surfboards. In my opinion, they are very good at marketing their product. Definitely over priced, but if somebody is willing to pay for your product, it’s not over priced for them.

Who among us would refuse $2,000.00 to $30,000.00 for one of our boards? Doug

Get real! Dont you guys know those boards are hollow and filled w/ high grade cocaine?

What the HELL? $600 for thruster fins!!! who would buy pearl encrusted fins…i dont even want to get started ont eh durability/performance issues with those. Its overpriced crap…they are the ferrari’s of surftech.

People actually buy cheaply made Volcom and other name brand jeans that cost $4.00 and retail for between $60 and $80. There is some sucker among those that buy into the name brand junk that will pay the evolution price. I hear Wayne Lynch has nothing else to do with the company any longer. Just a name.

I did your homework for you, now give me your lunch money.


‘Evolution’, the word, evokes an aura of surging life and creation, and the three bold brush strokes represent ‘change’, based on the character from the “I Ching, Book of Change”.

Maybe they meant it is based on the sound “Ching Ching” that their cash register makes every time someone makes a purchase.

Seriously - if you could market to the stars and charge according to what they’re accustomed to paying for everything, wouldn’t you?

Of course you would. Funny that before the owner of evolution starting getting the boards out there, the price of a merrick was around $400+ . Within one year after the debut of the new evo’s,everyone was raising their prices. Surfboard companies were trying to do this for years and years but couldn’t because they were afraid of losing business. Fact is the materials to build a board (especially a high end one)are skyrocketing. The price has to go up or people go out of business. Now evolution may be over the top price wise, but it took a guy with some serious $$$ to go out on a limb and raise the prices. He doesn’t really care if people buy them or not. I’ve seen the stockroom and if I had that kind of $$$ i’d probably just sit around and stare at 'em too. Or at least until blacks started breaking.

It looks like Mr. Phillips is on their site under the “Balsa wood” link, maybe he could give us some info.

Yup… At Moonlight a while back I saw a Evolution balsa that I was told was glued up by Mr phillips and finished shaped by Mike Slingerland. The board was beautiful it had inlayed mother of pearl fins and other inlays. the board was made for a movie producer. I think the price was tag $20,000 The board was sweet but geeze …

Did you see the testimonials and the team rider list for Evolution surf… yea right…


-Jim Carey


“Hang Ten Evolution Surf you rock”

-Ellen Degeneres

Talk show host/Comedian/Actress

“It’s So Beautiful”

-Pierce Brosnan


I think I am going to be sick now…


This was posted here before…and it cracks me up everytime…check out the skin care products…

Sometimes it takes a $20,000 price tag for some people to consider something valuable.

kind of funny

the battle between the haves and the have nots

Find a market

sell your house

aren’t they a little over priced as well?

At 10 million a movie, what’s 20 grand for a new deerhead for the den