Experience with Stretchalon Vac Bag?

Does anyone have any experience with this material for vacuum bagging?  I’m still using the old poly tube material and getting decent results but wondering. Thanks. 

Hey Greg,

I have a few yards as well that I have yet to put to real use, but I recently found on another composites forum that the more hardcore vacuum-bagging and infusion folks dislike it for it’s propensity to have pin-hole leaks.

Say, do PM’s still work or not?  If so, could you please contact me?


There are two bag thicknesses offered. Looks like I’ll want the thicker one. 

Thanks for for the info. 

Depends if you free-bag or use rocker beds…yer basic poly endless tube can be sourced in any micron thickness you want…it seems to be the most economical bag system available , and seems to cover all vac methods…I’d be a bit suspicious of a product claiming any magical never before seen bag features…after all . its just a vac bag.

I use a lot of the endless tube stuff which is cheap and very durable.  I also use Strecthalon but have never had the bags last as long as I would like.  I just made up a new bag from the green and bagged one repair in it and the green bag material stuck to my release materials and ruined the bag.  It was supposed to 250 degree Strectchalon material.  I used a heat blanket over the repair and the repair itself came out well.  Not sure what occurred there.  The repair was a buckled Hayden Shapes and I was bagging some X glass on the repaired deck area.  Wished I had used the tube stuff.

Thx Dave. That is just the kind of feedback I need to know.