Fake progression

Surfing can only go so far. “New design breakthroughs” are just tricks to drum up more sales. The last thing surfing needs is a whole bunch of “legends in their own minds” surfboard design “gurus”. You people have way too much time on your hands. Go find some surf! Be happy, cause it`s all been done before. Blah blah blah blah blah.

Brilliant posts…absoforkinlutely brilliant.Welcome aboard.

Life must suck to be you!You goofy kooks build junk.Speaking of junk i’going to go shoot up right now.Got to stay close to the toilet because ma gets mad when I puke on the carpet after I geeze up.

And if I want to know how to do it over again and again and again I be sure and ask “DickWeed” Gone Surfin’, Rich

Dickweed why are you on this site so much if you think surfboard design is going no where?

everything works in cycles. but each time designs come around again they are refined more than what they were last time, or use different combinations of vee’s, concaves ect.

Trick’s to drum up sales. Trick shapes like three fins and channels and concaves and twin fins and vees and bonzers and… Yup, your right again, Weed!

Howzit Mr. Clean, I wonder what Dick Head, oops I mean Dick Weed rides. I nominate Dick Head, darn did it again,Dick Weed for President (of Iraq). Aloha, Kokua

That’s DICKWEED in capital letters.