Fat Arse Wombat - Bear Surfboards

Has anyone tried the tight arse?

Ads everywhere in the Oz longboard ads!


Has anyone tried the tight arse?

Ads everywhere in the Oz longboard ads!

NO Chip don’t do it…!!!

…I don’t think it was a longBOARD magazine you were looking at dougy !!


Has anyone tried the tight arse?

Ads everywhere in the Oz longboard ads!

Never have, Punter. In all my years ’ never have.

Does anyone have a tight arse for me to try?

I cannot stop laughing at where this thread has gone! Rubberlove, your avatar is classic! I was really interested in making a board like this and now I can’t open this thread without cracking up.

will try and take a pic of Number 1 and post it up and if any of the uk swaylockers are around newquay try and get a tour of nigel semmens factory he has all the pre released ones in there some different shapes !!!

Mine is, but you can’t. That’s why it is.

Chipper’s isn’t, but you can. That’s why it isn’t.

So has anyone taken the surfboard with that name for a test drive?

Any chance of tail, nose and widepoint ( size plus location ) dims??

check out the other wombat thread there are some rocker and dims on there from mine also some pics

just sent the originals to chipfish, maybe he can sort them out and post them as mine were resised wrong??


Neira, i transferred the numbers to inches, am i right in that the nose and tail width’s are around 17’’ nose, and 16’’ tail, with a 22’’ widepoint??

No, you missed the nose measurement.

Note that first measurement is 3cm (1"app.) from nose. Yo have to convert the 4th measurement from nose: 24.3X2=48.6cm/2.54=19.1"

So for the 6’4" WOMBAT, dimms are:

-19.1" nose

-22.4" widepoint

-16.2" tail

I have a pic from my brother’s WOMBAT profile.

If you’re interested I can work it in a CAD file for measurements.

Thanks neira, you are a gem!!. Wow, thats pretty wide for a 6’4’’ board!!. I will now be able to draw up a scale sketch that should finally look right. I’ve been thinking about a 7’ egg, but with those dims , and a flat rocker, i should be able to catch any wave on something like that!!

I’ve scaled the Wombat outline for 7’(213cm)

Measurements are:

-51,15cm (20.14") at 30,48cm (1’) from nose

-61,66cm (24,28") at 102,39cm (40,31") from nose

-43,53cm (17,14’) at 30,48cm (1’) from tail

As seen here (measurements in CM (1"=2,54cm)):

Could someone please describe the rails on the Wombat? Are they similar to a longboard or are they more like a modern shortboard? 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, pinched, tucked under, soft, hard? Just curious, as I’m shaping one now. Thanks.

haha wombats are the new fish!

i do like this design, think i have been inspired to make a 6’6", or maybe a 6’8"? how would it go if i pulled the nose in a bit?

like more of a beak

i mean, i like to duck dive

but am getting pissed with sucking on my shortboard (thruster)