FCS fin instalation (adding cant)

Ok this is probably a really obvious question, but I can’t find anything in the instalation manual and I just can’t get my head round this.

when I install my next set of fcs i want to add some cant, but as far as I can see the plugs go in a 90 degress so that the top of the plug rests on the glass and the plug is centred in the hole and tyed to the deck.

If I alter the angle when the resin is setting the plug won’t be centred and I’ll have to take down one side of the plug when i buzz the tops off.

If I drill the holes for the plugs at an angle how would I compensate for the change in position of the finished fin from my original line. and make sure that they match up??

Cheers in advance guys.

Hello Woody_Waverider, i don’t know how much cant do you want (maybe it wont work for the Bonzer side fins), but the FCS has some cant inside and if you install it with the fin in, you can adjust the cant like with glass ons (don’t forget to make the hole with some cant too), and let the resin cure, and then you’ll sand the part of the plug that exceeds. I hope this picture will help you:

You can also make fins for FCS plugs with some cant in the tabs, ask Ben (Chipfish) i think he wanted to do that for a bonzer.


Cheers Coque for you quick responce, your explination has really cleared that up, I thought that was the way (even if my explanation was a bit ropey) but I needed some clarification and reassurance before I ruined anything. makes sence now.

I only want to add a few degrees (3-5) to a regular tri fin set up, just to feel the difference and try something new, so if I can get fins that all ready have some cant I might try that instead.

Thanks Woods

In addition to Coque’s comment, the rail plugs (marked with an “R”) already have an angle to their slotted hole. The center plug is of course 90 degrees vertical. R plugs get you a few degrees of cant built in…

Howzit woody, The best way to make sure the plug is secure in the hole when you add more cant is to just enlarge the hole with the reamer tool. I've done some at as much as 9 degrees and had no problems. Aloha,Kokua