FCS Fusions Router Bit Size????

Afternoon all,

I’m having a hell of a time trying to find a router bit to use with the Fusion Jig I have. The bit itself isn’t really the issue but the bearing size is as this appears to be oversized. Anybody here in the UK or abroad got any advice on the dimensions of the bit (1/4 inch shank) or at least where I can get one here or at least the parts to cobble one together?

Any useful advice would be appreciated.



Dont know where you can get one in the uk but the bit is 1/4" shank by 3/8" diameter by 3/4" depth. Part #se1021. Hope this helps.


The bearing is just a standard 3/4" od, 1/4" id, 1/4" thick.

Excellent…thank u both…cheers Spx